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Review of GCH Automotive Truck Bed Accessories - Ram Truck Bed Camera - GCH84FR

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GCH Automotive Truck Bed Accessories - Ram Truck Bed Camera - GCH84FR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this custom third brake light camera. This camera is going to allow you to see into your truck's bed so that you can have a better view of your cargo and to help you when you're connecting to a fifth wheel or gooseneck trailer so that you can back up right up to your kingpin or to get that gooseneck all red and underneath your coupler. So, this bezel is gonna install right behind the third brake light. So your brake light is going to reinstall, so it's all going to look like it came, right from the factory. You're not gonna have to worry about that brake light function.

It's gonna do exactly what it does now. You're just gonna add on this camera to it. So this is going to be a custom fit for your 2019 and newer RAM 1500, 2500, 3500, 4500, and 5500. It's gonna be very simple to get installed. You're not gonna have to drill any new holes.

You'll use the same holes, they do include some hardware here for you to get it mounted in place. So very easy to get this all put together. And then you're gonna have that camera there, but it is only about one and a half inches in diameter, so it's gonna be very inconspicuous. It's not gonna take away from the look of your RAM. You're still gonna have a nice, clean look on the back of your cab.

And this will probably go unnoticed for the most part until you're ready to use it. So the camera itself is a waterproof, aluminum construction. So it's gonna resist dust and corrosion. It's gonna hold up really well for you. It's got an IP69 rating, so it's going to protect against dust in close range, high-pressure spray down.

So if you're cleaning off your truck, you don't have to worry about water getting in there, causing any problems. The camera itself is gonna give you a 150-degree viewing angle. You can manually adjust your camera for 360 degrees for perfect angle into your truck bed. So that you can line things up the way you want it to. It does have these rear assist lines on it. If I zoom in here, onto the monitor. You can see red, yellow and green lines there to kinda help you measure how far back things are. So if you're backing up to your trailer, you can kinda get a better view of there. And then if you turn off the lights, you can see, this does have the Zero Lux Light Vision and it's going to give you a nice quality picture, even in the dark. So you can see me. So even if you're hooking up late at night, you'll still be able to see with your camera and this is going to produce that nice quality picture, even in complete darkness without infrared transmitters. So, a nice quality there even in the dark. This does have a resolution of 300. Oh sorry, 620 lines. Our seven inch, full color LED screen is going to have this integrated sun shield to reduce glair on the monitor screen. It's got two input lines, with the RCA type plugs. So if you want to add on an additional camera, you can do that. Just switch between them. And they do include a remote, that will allow to navigate through the monitor settings. This will allow to adjust the brightness, the color, the contrast and the image orientation, very easy. The resolution for our screen here, is 680 by 234. And this is going to mount very easily on to the dash. You can either, put some holes through there or they do include. Sorry, put some screws through those holes or they do include this adhesive backing here. So you can just kinda stick that to the dash or wherever it's going to be most convenient for you to see. The system does work with your 12 volt or 24 volt DC system. And it does have a 24 foot wiring harness. So it should be very simple to get installed, using the same mounting position as your brake lights, just run that wire into the vehicle, down to your dash. So you can connect to the monitor here. So, really nice system here for those of you who do, do a lot of towing. You wanting an easier way to get hooked up to your trailer or you wanna be able to kinda see into the back to make sure that your gear is doing okay, your cargo isn't blowing away and that sort of thing. This is gonna be a really nice system for you. So that's going to conclude our work for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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