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Review of GasStop Propane Fittings - Shut-Off Gauges with Automatic Changeover Regulator - GS69FR

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GasStop Propane Fittings - Shut-Off Gauges with Automatic Changeover Regulator - GS69FR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this gas stop emergency propane shutoff set. This set is going to feature two of these emergency propane shutoff gauges, the two 18 inch hoses, and this automatic changeover regulator. So this set is going to help protect your family against major propane leaks and regulator failure. And these shutoff gauges are going to immediately cut off the supply of your propane if there's a leak or a regulator failure detected. And so all your other propane accessories or devices like your hoses, your tank itself, they have built in safety features to help to reduce the amount of propane if it detects a leak, this system is the only one that's going to shut it off completely.

So 100% of the flow is gonna be cut off, so you're not gonna have to worry if there's a fire or something along those lines. You're not gonna have propane continuing to feed it. So this is gonna be a really nice safety feature for you. These do have the type one ACME fitting so these are gonna be compatible with your travel trailers and fifth wheels only. There is a POL connection for your class A and class C motor homes, that is sold separately.

That is obviously a different kind of connection so you wanna make sure you're getting the right one for your setup. This is gonna work for your travel trailers and fifth wheels that use that ACME connection. These do have a brass and reinforced polycarbonate construction, so they are gonna be corrosion resistant and hold up really well for you. On the top here, we do have this rotating pressure gauge that's going to allow you to very easily see if your tanks have high pressure, sufficient gas, or if they're getting near to empty. If you we're to experience a leak, it's gonna shut off that flow.

And then to reset it, you just have to push down on that four to six times and that will reactivate it and allow the propane to flow through again. So you're gonna get two of those emergency cutoff gauges or shutoff gauges. And then you're also gonna get this automatic changeover regulator that's going to automatically redirect your gas flow from an empty tank to your full tank. So as long as you've got one full tank, this will switch over for you. It's going to eliminate the interruption of the gas flow to help prevent appliances from shutting off.

So if it's a cold evening, you're using your furnace, you won't have to worry about it going off and then having to get out of bed and going, manually moving your valve from one tank to another, it's gonna automatically do that for you. This is also going to have a feature that will alert you when the tank is empty by changing the indicator's color from green to red. And so it will let you know when you do have an empty tank. This does have a maximum flow capacity of 345,000 BTU. Very simple to get this all installed on your setup. So we've got that ACME fitting on our valves there that we'll plug in. And then we've got our 18 inch long gas gear braided stainless steel pigtail hoses. And these actually have a 90 degree angle on them because you are gonna be adding an extra component in there. It's going to add approximately three inches for you. So if you already have a tight setup this is going to give you a nice 90 degree angle instead of having to bend your hose back. So this will let you easily connect your propane tanks in a small or cramped space. So, will allow you to place covers over your propane tanks without the hose snagging the cover. And because this does have that stainless steel braided connect construction, it's not going to stiffen or crack like your rubber hoses. We've got the type one ACME cylinder connection there and then a quarter inch male inverted flare fitting on that other end will allow this to fit right into our regulator. We can get that tightened down in place, so that we can get that propane flowing through. The regulator is gonna have that quarter inch female inverted flare, and then we've got a three eighths inch FPT fitting down there so that you can get this hooked up to the rest of your system. So a really nice set here. It is going to meet the federal requirements. The valves and the hoses are UL and CSA approved, and the regulator is UL 144 approved. So they're gonna hold up well, do a really good job for you. Obviously propane is one of those things you don't want to mess around with, take any chances with. So this is gonna be a quality setup for you to give you some peace of mind, knowing not only that your propane is going to switch from an empty tank to your full tank without you having to worry about it, but it's also gonna shut off that propane if there we're to have any leaks or something like that. So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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