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Gen-Y Hitch Trailer Hitch Ball Mount - Adjustable Ball Mount - 325-GH-1723 Review

Jeff: Hello everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at this GEN-Y adjustable two ball mount with the stacked receivers for a three-inch hitch and has a 32,000 pound gross towing weight capacity. Now this adjustable ball mount will let you hook up your trailer to your tow vehicle. The shank portion right back here is what'll slide into your three inch hitch receiver on your vehicle and upfront you have a two-inch diameter ball here and a two and five 16ths diameter ball which will provide the connection point for your trailer coupler. And they do have this pintle lock accessory.

So when you do use this with the ball, it'll provide a connection point for your lunette ring coupler.Basically what you'll do, let's go ahead and pull the clip out of here and we'll pull the pin out and you can see if you're not going to use this lunette. this pintle lock, you can slide it back in and then put your pin right back through there and then lock it and it'll keep it out of the way and you can just use the balls for hooking to a trailer coupler. But if you do hook to a lunette ring coupler and lunette ring coupler will have a large ring and it drops down over the ball and to keep it onto the ball, you would just pull the pin, slide this over, put the pin in, lock it, and that'll keep that lunette ring coupler in place when you're towing.Now they do have three of the stacked two and a half inch. Whoops, let's put the clip back on there. If you look up front here, there's three stack two and a half inch receivers that will accept the included ball and the pintle lock as well as other hitch mounted accessories that are sold separately on our website that'll work in here.

Now the two pins and clips right here, these are included to secure the accessories to the shank, and you do have an option for adjustable height so you can see, you can take the pin and clip out and you can move this ball mount up or down to match your application. You can also flip it around to use the smaller two inch or the two and five sixteenths.Now, if you do put this ball mount in the lowest position in the lowest drop position, it'll be six inch drop. If you flip this over and put it in the maximum rise position, it'll be six inch rise. Now this is a heavy duty steel construction, has a nice zinc primer and then a powder coat finish to help resist corrosion. Now, when you do slide this into your three inch hitch receiver, it will require a hitch pin and clip or a hitch lock for securing it to the hitch, that is not included, that you would have to supply or we do sell those separately on our website.

If you notice there's two different hitch pin hole sizes, the one right here is a smaller five eighths inch diameter. And the larger one back here is a three quarter inch size.This part is SAE J684 certified. It is made in the USA. Specs again, it's designed to fit a three inch by three inch trailer hitch receiver. To go over the balls, the smaller two inch diameter ball and it's stamped on the top, the gross towing weight capacity will be 16,000 pounds.

Tongue weight, maximum tongue weight will be 1500 pounds. If you use the larger two and five sixteenths ball, on top it'll be stamped gross towing weight 32,000 pounds. Maximum tongue weight is 3,500 pounds.Do want to give you a few dimensions on this. So the overall height from the bottom to the very top, you can see it's going to be right at nine and three quarter inches tall. Now the total length from back here with the ball mount installed to the front here, it's going to be right at 17 and three eighths inches and then the total length without the ball mount, so in other words, from here to right here, it's going to be right at 13 inches. But that should do it for the review on the GEN-Y adjustable two ball mount with the stacked receivers for a three inch hitch and a 32,000 pound gross towing weight capacity.

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