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Go Power RV Inverters - Modified Sine Wave Inverter - 34280179 Review

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Review of Go Power! RV Inverters 34280179

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to take a look at the Go Power 12 Volt 5000 Watt Heavy-Duty Modified Sine Wave Inverter. Now, this inverter will convert incoming DC battery power to usable AC household power wherever you go. Now, it's a modified sine wave inverter that offers AC power so it's a perfect choice for large loads like running multiple appliances and electronics, and this can also serve as a source of emergency backup power. Runs any device in the wattage range without interference. This is all in a nice heavy-duty steel case, and if you notice on the end right here, there's your four standard AC outlets. Has one USB port right up here, right next to that is a remote port and that's for the use of the optional remote control unit.

Has a digital display here that'll show battery voltage and wattage. You just switch it from voltage to wattage with the display switch right here. Does have an on and off switch.Now, I am going to hook this up to some power just to show you that display, how it looks. This does offer full overload protection. It is compatible with 12 volt systems.

The continuous output power on this is 5000 watts, peak surge power is 10,000 watts, AC output voltage is 100 volts to 120 volts, input voltage range is 10-1/2 volts to 16 volts DC. Now, the AC output waveform again is a modified sine wave, does have maximum efficiency of 80%. Now, the battery drain on this with no AC load is less than or equal to 1.2 amps. Does offer a low battery alarm and a low battery shutdown. Does include the inverter and the nice users manual that'll describe how to install it and how to operate it.

Weight on this unit, it's about 15.7 pounds. Length on this from here to this edge is going to be 18-1/2 long. The width on it, from here to here, is going to be 10" wide, and the depth, from the bottom to the top here, is going to be 4-1/8 deep.What I'm going to do now is hook up some power just to show you that display. We'll go ahead and take our ground negative and we'll go ahead and hook the negative up, and then we'll go ahead and hook our positive up, and with it all hooked up, we're going to go ahead and let me zoom in a little bit just so you can see the display here. There we go, got it zoomed in.

And if you look at the display right there, you notice when I turn it on it'll display the voltage, and then again if you want to show the wattage, on this, it'll show zero right now, that'll show the wattage, go back to voltage, and it'll show you the voltage. And we just turn it off, and we'll go ahead and zoom back out, and disconnect our power. But that should do it for the review on the Go Power 12 Volt 5000 Watt Heavy-Duty Modified Sine Wave Inverter.

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