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Review of Go Power RV Inverters - Pure Sine Wave Inverter - 34279458

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Go Power RV Inverters - Pure Sine Wave Inverter - 34279458 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Go Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Transfer Switch.Now an inverter is an important thing to have on your RVs because it's going to make our DC power from our batteries usable for our AC appliances. Things like our computer, microwave ovens, some lights and other stuff. Pretty much anything you would plug into a normal house outlet is gonna be run off of AC power or that alternating current.Now this being a Pure Sine Wave Inverter means that it's going to have a very low harmonic distortion, and has cleaner power like your utility supplied electricity. Basically it's just gonna be very, very similar to what you would typically get out of that power coming into your house. And that also means that it's going to have, it's going to make our appliances run quieter, faster, and cooler than a modified Sine Wave Inverter.We'll have on the side all our connections to make their, one of our two large terminals to connect to our battery. We have our two AC inputs and then all our other inputs including our switch to turn it on and off or to turn it over to remote power.And then on the other side we'll have our fans.

You want to make sure that you install this with about at least an inch of space in between the unit and any wall or obstruction, because you want to give those fans room to do their thing. We'll also get our large ring plugs to go on our connections back here.Now this will run 1500 watts of power from the battery. You can use a solar controller to turn it on and off. It's gonna be pretty lightweight. As you can see I can lift it pretty easily just with my hands here, and it is compatible with 12 volt systems.It has a nice low profile design.

As far as dimensions, it's 13 7/8" long X 11 1/4" wide and that's going to be outside flanges. If we just measure the unit without those flanges, it's closer to about 10". The height is 5 1/16 tall going from where it sits on the floor here to this top ridge.And you also want to make sure that you install this in the horizontal position. It's not really designed to go vertical. As far as our other specs for this, it does have, again, continuous output power of 15000, or 1500 watts.

Surge power is 2400 watts. Our AC output voltage is 100 volts, 110, 115 and 120. Input voltage range is between 10 volts and 16 volts DC. Our AC output wave form is, again, that pure sine wave, and it has a maximum efficiency of 88%. The battery drain with no AC load is less than or equal to .9 amps.

There's also a low battery alarm and a low batter shutdown whenever it gets too low. And this does come with a two year warranty from Go Power.Now you will want to pick up the remote for the Go Power Industrial for our inverter here. That's available separately. You can find that here at using Part No. 34279999. And then the installation kit for our inverters, also sold separately, that Part No. is 342GPDCKIT3. And that's gonna have the cables to connect this up to your battery and to your other linkages.And that's gonna do it for our look at the Go Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter with Transfer Switch.

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