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Review of Go Power RV Solar Panels - Portable Solar Kit - 34282730

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Go Power RV Solar Panels - Portable Solar Kit - 34282730 Review

Today we're taking a look at the Go Power portable solar system with digital solar controller. This is going to give you a portable solar panel to use on your RV whenever you're in those spots where you're not really going to have access to a generator, shore power, and you still want all your accessories inside your RV to run. Right now I have it sitting inside its convenient carrying case. This is going to be a semi-rigid material, so it's going to keep everything nice and protected. Also makes it easy to just pack this up like a big suitcase and transport it out. Has some nice big zippers on the side to get everything zipped up, and then a handle on the solar panel itself will act as the handle for the whole thing.

So, you can just lift it up and go.Let's open this up and look at our solar panel itself. So, here's this . one of the side of the solar panel that's actually folded up right now, kind of like a little sandwich. And that's kind of nice because it's going to keep all of our wires and cables contained. Has two latches on either side that you can undo and then open this up again, and you can see that's where all our cables are.

Our solar monitor is right here already installed on the side. That can pop out as well, so we can read it from the top or have it down here.So, it makes the whole system really easy to use and very portable, very easy to get set up whenever we get to a spot where we want to stop, have our RV in the shade, and then find a nice sunny spot to set up our solar panel. So, there are two sides to it. It will fold out to give you another panel exactly the same size. So, it's not just this one, I just haven't folded up to make it a little bit easier for me to demonstrate here on the table.

This is going to be really nice. It can be used with . in conjunction with other solar panels. So, if you already have one mounted on the top of your RV and you just need a little bit of extra power whenever you stop, this is going to be compatible with that system. You may have to do a hard-wire into those cables to get everything to work properly.

There's going to be more complete instructions on how to do that that come with this kit, but that is an option available to you.The panel itself is covered with a very durable solar glass. So, that prevents any damage from hail or any debris there. It's also going to keep our whole panel connected . or protected, and this does have an IP67 rating, and basically what that means is that it's going to be pretty water resistant. I wouldn't suggest using this in a rainstorm because you're not really going to get any solar power anyway, but if a sun shower starts pouring down, this probably won't have any adverse effects. First, you want to make sure that the connectors are all connected really well, out of the way of any puddles or anything like that. You definitely don't want to have power cables going through water, but for the most part, our solar panels themselves are going to be watertight and they should last for a good, long time.The outer frame here is made of an anodized aluminum, so that's also going to protect against rust and corrosion. We don't have to worry about it ever rusting, and it's pretty durable as well while still being relatively lightweight. So, this isn't going to weigh a ton, just weighs about 33 pounds, which is pretty manageable for the size of solar panel that this is. We'll also have our monocrystalline solar cells behind that tempered solar glass and that's what's going to actually give us our solar power.On the inside, we opened that up again, we'll have all our Anderson style plugs. So, we'll have a couple of different options as far as how to connect this. We'll have 15 feet of cable that it comes with and the one end will connect to our solar monitor. That monitor's also going to prevent any overcharging so we don't have to worry about damage from too much power coming into our batteries. And then we'll have a couple options as far as how to connect it to our batteries. If you want to do a hardware kit where it just directly connects to the positive and negative then the other end plugs into our extender. We'll have this round two prongs solar style plug. Some RVs will be outfitted with solar a plug already, and this will plug right into that. Or you can use this two pronged plug that's compatible, again, with some other systems. And then our more universal just alligator clamps, pretty quick and easy to clamp on there. And that'll work for just about any battery that you'd want to use it with, and just clamp it right to positive and negative, plug it up to your system. So, if you have a smaller battery that you wanted to charge while you're out on the go, you can use that as well. So, it's going to be pretty versatile.The nice thing about this, again, is that you can have your RV parked somewhere in the shade and then have this out in the sun so you don't have to have your RV out in the sun while you're charging everything. And it also allows you to keep your AC from completely depleting your batteries when you don't have an opportunity to have them running off of shore power, or if you're just in a situation where a generator doesn't make sense, if you don't have one, this is going to extend the life of those batteries. It might not be able to fully run those accessories off of just the solar panel, but it'll at least extend the life of your batteries and keep you from being stranded out in the road without any AC or other accessories.As far as the specs with this: it does work with 12 volt and 24 volt battery systems. The solar panel's rated power is 130 watts. There are two other panels available that are going to be pretty much the same other than that wattage rating. Part number 3428729, that's going to have a 90 watt power rating, or 34282610, that has a 200 watt power rating. So, kind of pros and cons. This one is kind of in the middle. It's kind of the sweet spot as far as giving you a good amount of power with that 130 watt rating, but it's not as big and bulky as that 200 watt one. But it'll still charge faster than the 90 watt one.Our solar panel output for this is 6.74 amps, and the solar controller maximum input current is 10 amps. Again, it does have an IP rating of 67 which means that it's going to be impervious to dust, and waterproof up to being submerged in about a meter of water for 30 minutes. That's what that rating is for, but again, you want to always use caution with any kind of electrical system. You don't want to have wires and cables going into water, but if you happen to run into some light rain, should be just fine.The cable length that comes with this is 12 feet. Whenever it's open all the way up, it's 32 1/2 inches long by 39 3/4 inches wide, and 1 3/8 inches deep. Closed, like I have it here, it's 32 1/2 inches long by 19 7/8 inches wide, and 2 3/4 inches deep. The total weight is 33 pounds, and it does have a warranty on the panels for 25 years. That is a limited warranty. And on the controller inside it has a five year warranty from Go Power.All in all, I think that it's going to be a really handy system for those situations that I've mentioned earlier, and it should get all your portable power needs taken care of. And that's going to do it for our look at the Go Power portable solar system with digital solar controller.

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