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Review of Goal Zero Jumper Cables and Starters - Venture 800 Amp Jump Starter - GZ87RR

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Goal Zero Jumper Cables and Starters - Venture 800 Amp Jump Starter - GZ87RR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're gonna take a quick look at this Goal Zero Venture Jump Starter and Power Bank. This is a portable jump starter that's gonna help revive your dead 12 volt vehicle or equipment batteries. This is gonna be perfect for your cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles, and boats. With up to a six liter gas engine or up to three liter diesel engine. This does have an internal 37 watt hour lithium ion battery.

That's gonna provide up to 10 jump starts off of a single charge. So it's gonna provide 400 amps of starting current or up to 800 amps of peak current. The battery clamps to get your battery charged are, they come disconnected so very easy to get them plugged in. You can see we've got this cover here that will pull back. And then over here, we've got these stacked ports.

So we'll just take the plug here and line that up. And then we'll be able to attach to our positive and negative side of our battery and get that jumped. So if I turn this a little bit, we'll be able to see we have a indicator light here. It's currently flashing red and green and that means that it's connected to our jump starter but it's not connected to our batteries. So it's given us that flashing red and green indicator.

If that we're a solid red, it would be mean the opposite. So we'd be connected to our battery but it wouldn't be detecting a connection to our jump starter, which typically means that we don't have enough power in our battery or our jump starter battery to jump our vehicle or equipment battery. If that we're a solid green it means that's sensing a connection from both our jump starter and our battery so it's ready to jump. If it's a solid red and it has a tone or a sound to it, it's going to mean that there's a short detected. If it's solid red and it's beeping that means there's reverse polarity protected.

So you've got your positive and negative switched and you need to move those around. Luckily you don't, don't have to remember that all, get it all memorized, because they do have it listed on the backside here. So you can very easily troubleshoot anything that's going on. So next to where those clamps are going to get plugged in, we're also going to have these two, 2.1 amp USB A type ports, that will allow to charge your smartphone, your tablets, headphones or portable speakers, that sort of thing. So you can get that all charged up. And then up here, we do have our USB C port, so that is our input so that we can get our lithium ion battery charged up. They do include a USB C to USB A cable here so that you can get that plugged in, and then plug that into your phone charger or other USB type charger. They don't include one with this kit but should have one laying around somewhere that you can get that plugged into. It will only pick about three hours to get this charged up. So not very long at all if you're plugged into the wall. This will also work with the Goal Zero Nomad Solar Panel. And so if you wanted to have more of an off grid charging solution you can use that. It is sold separately, you can find it using that part number you see there on the screen. That will take about six hours to get it charged up fully. So we also have this closure here that's gonna help protect this, gives it a IP67 rating, so that will be waterproof up to a meter for at least 30 minutes. It's also gonna help protect it from any dust, sand, and debris from getting in there to our ports. So it's nice having that nice thick cover there. We have a battery indicator button here that's going to show us those LEDs on the inside there. So you can see we've got three lit up, there's a fourth one there that's currently not lit up which means that this is at 75% power. If that fourth one was lit up it'd be 100%. So that kind of gives you an idea of how charged your battery is. That same button can be used to turn on our 45 Lumen LED Light over here. So we've got several functions, it can serve just as a light or it will also work as a strobe to get attention, or we can switch it to the SOS function so if we're out in an emergency situation, we need to try and get some help, we can use that light. Or we can just use it as a flashlight to make sure that we're getting hooked up to our battery properly, if it's dark outside hard to see, we can use it like that. So you just have to hold that same button that lights up those battery level indicator lights there. So this is a really compact and lightweight design, very easy to take around with us. If we're looking at our dimensions overall lengths I'm gonna say is right at seven and a quarter of an inch, our width is four inches, and our thickness is about one and a half inches thick. So it will be very easy to get stored in the glove compartment, trunk or toolbox. It only weighs about pound and a half, so very very lightweight. Like I said, it does have that IP six, seven rating. So it is going to be very durable for us. It works in temperatures from negative 13 degrees Fahrenheit all the way up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit, but they do also include this zippered carrying case. It's gonna help us keep everything organized. So we open that up we've got main pocket here for our jump starter, also have a couple other pockets here that we can put our charge cable in, and then we can get our jumper cables put in over here, something along those lines. It's pretty easy to keep everything organized, so it's ready for us the next time we need to use it. And we can just close that all up. Use the zipper here. Of course, that is gonna add a little bit of size. So if you are looking to store this in a compact area it's about 10 inches tall, seven and a quarter of an inch wide, and about two and a quarter of an inch thick. Just kinda firm carrying case, kind of reminds me of a old CD case or something like that, might have used back in the nineties and early two thousands, for those of you who had a bunch of CDs that you wanted to take around with you. So overall, really nice option here to give you some jump starting capabilities, or in an emergency for you to up your smartphone. They have a emergency indicator light, that sort of thing, so that you never are without power if you are needing it. So that completes our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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