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Gustafson Lighting RV Lighting - Ceiling Light - 277-000422 Review

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Review of Gustafson Lighting RV Lighting 277-000422

Speaker 1: Today, we're taking a look at the Gustafson RV LED Pendant Light. This light illuminates the interior of your RV or camper. It provides bright, focused light over a kitchen counter, table, and more. It features the long-lasting energy efficient LEDs that burn brighter than incandescent bulbs, and this is a glass shade, so it features the clear, seated glass over the white swirled glass. Gives it a really nice look, really nice design to the unit, and then these components here are the base and the stem. That's all made from a durable steel with satin nickel finish to offer a sleek, polished look.It is a two-hole bolt-on installation under the ceiling.

Wires to the light switch inside your RV or camper, so the black wire's our power wire. White wire's our ground wire. Hardware to get it mounted is not included. It doesn't feature the flame-retardant shade that meets NFPA standards, and this unit is UL listed.Now, a few measurements to go with real quick. We'll hook it up to power and show you what it looks like with some power running to it.

Here at the base, this gives us a diameter measurement of about 4 13/16" of an inch, and I took a measurement of the overall height, so from the bottom of the glass shade to the very top of the housing right here gives a measurement of about 11 5/16" tall, and then the diameter of the glass shade, outer edge to outer edge, gives a measurement of about 4 3/4".We're gonna go ahead and hook it up to power. Again, the black wire is my power wire, and the white wire is my ground wire. Turn off our overhead light so you can see it in a low light setting. You can see there it gives it a really nice design, a really nice glow, plenty of light output, and you can see that two-way glass, so we have this exterior shade, which again features the seated glass design, and then internally, we have the white swirled glass. It's a really nice looking unit.

That's gonna do it for today's look at the Gustafson RV LED Pendant Light.