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Review of Heininger Holdings Truck Bed Accessories HE4015-4017

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the Hitchmate cargo stabilizer bar and stable load support for pickup trucks. This heavy duty cargo bar can extend the width of your truck bed to help hold items in place. It keeps items from moving around in your truck bed. The ratcheting handle is easy to use and secure. It offers quick, simple adjustments. That way you can achieve the perfect fit for your truck.To open it up you need to disengage the lock lever here, open the handle all the way.

This allows you to extend the in and out so it can make contact with the sidewalls of your truck bed. Once it makes contact, you use this lever to finish the tightening process. So as you close it, this bar will extend about another inch or so, which is really going to further up or secure fully the tightening process. Then it latches and locks into that position. It's really nice, it's easy to use, quick, simple adjustment, let's you get the perfect fit for your vehicle, and there's no accidental release.

This lever has to be manually disengaged in order for the unit to contract.Now this part number comes with the stable load support clamps, or the stable load support. It simply attaches to the stabilizer bar to keep items from shifting side-to-side, so this bar keeps things from moving front to back in the truck bed. This can be added to the stabilizer bar to keep things from moving side to side. This mounts perpendicular to the cargo bar, so you simply just place this on the cargo bar, tighten in place with the included set screws.It can adjust the length of the cargo bar, so you can place it wherever it works best for your application. If for some reason you need to place this where this tracking is, then what I recommend doing is to flip this over and to install it that way, because if you install it over this, any of the ratcheting components here, it's not going to tighten very well.

You're not going to get a good fit. So if you are installing this in this area here, install it on the bottom side of the bar.Also I want to point out that the contact area on the truck bed sidewalls . The unit uses large, sturdy rubber feet, so this tightly grips the truck bed walls. It won't leave scruff, it won't scratch, it won't damage. That is a steel plate, but it has a nice rubber pad over it.

The same thing on the other side.Overall we're looking at a durable steel construction with protective finishing. It's going to be kept safe from rust and corrosion. It's going to last a long time, that's both on the stabilizer bar and on the stable load support. The pads measure 4 inches by 2-1/2 inches. This system is available with stabilizer bars in two different lengths, so you have one for compact trucks, part number HE4015-4017. The adjustable length is 50 to 65 inches. Then for full sized trucks use part number HE4016-4017. That gives you an adjustable length of 59 to 73 inches.That's going to do it for today's look at the Hitchmate cargo stabilizer bar and stable load support for pickup trucks.

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