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Hopkins Backup Cameras and Alarms - Hitch Alignment Camera Systems - HM50002 Review

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Review of Hopkins Backup Cameras and Alarms HM50002

Today we're gonna take a look at the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera and Hitch Aligner System. This backup camera takes the guesswork out of hooking up your trailer and driving in reverse. It includes everything shown here on the table. It'll include this color monitor with the pedestal bracket. Includes the license plate bracket with the camera in the middle and the sensors on the end. Also, it has this 20 foot wire harness with the seven way T connector on it.

The mounting hardware and a nice installation guide on how to install everything. We'll start with the monitor here. It's the three and a half inch size color monitor, provides a large static free image with crystal clear definition. The screen resolution on this is about 480 x 234 pixels, and it will mount. It has foam tape here on the bottom of the pedestal, so it'll mount to your windshield, dashboard, or center console. The backup camera, which is on this license plate bracket right here in the middle, this'll let you clearly see objects behind you as you drive in reverse. It's great for hooking up to your trailer.

This camera will switch between the hitch mode and the everyday mode with the push of a button. The everyday mode, it provides you a nice easy to follow color coded field to indicate the distance to the objects. The first detection field will be green in color and that's about three and a half feet to five and a half feet away. When you see the yellow, the caution field, that's yellow in color, that's one and a half feet to three and a half feet. And then the danger would be the red field, that's zero to one and a half feet. And then when it switches to hitch mode, that includes a center line assistance for easy trailer hookup.

On the very end right here, these are smart zone sensors that beep to alert you of distance to and the direction of the objects behind your vehicle. And the beep increases in intensity as you get closer to the objects. They do work in coordination with the visual cues from the camera on the monitor for a nice, safe trailer hookup. And the volume of the alarms can be adjusted are muted with the button on the side of your monitor. The license plate frame with the camera and the sensors will mount to your vehicle with the included hardware. The camera is adjustable, what angle you need it at.

And the sensors, same way, they are adjustable. So, that'll ensure maximum visibility of any objects behind your vehicle. It's a very plug in, simple installation. All these just plug right in. And then right here, you just plug this in line with your existing seven way trailer connector on your vehicle. There's no splicing. This will, once you plug it in let you retain the use of your factory seven way plug at your bumper. Now, one notice if your vehicle is not equipped with a factory seven way connector, then you will need to hard wire the camera to your vehicle's reverse lights. We do also offer extension harnesses, they are available. We sell them separately on our website, and that's for vehicles that are require more length to connect the monitor to the camera mounting bracket. A few specs on this. We're gonna measure the monitor, the overall size of it, the width, edge to edge right at four and a quarter inches wide and from bottom to top is about two and three quarter inches tall. Total height when it's on the pedestal is gonna be about three inches tall. And we mentioned the wire harness here is 20 feet in length, 20 feet long. But that should do it for the review on the Hopkins Smart Hitch Backup Camera and Hitch Aligner System.

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