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Hopkins Brake Controller - Proportional Controller - HM47294 Review

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Review of Hopkins Brake Controller HM47294

Gary C.


I set the sensitivity at 2, power set at 20. After I set it and apply my brakes the controls is blank like I never set it. I tried 3 times to set it ? I have electric brakes on my car dolly, I hope you can help me.

Etrailer Expert

Rachael H.


According to the installation instructions for this controller, if the display is blank then it does not detect a trailer connected. Try checking your connections and see if that helps, pay close attentions to the ground wires. Additionally, this controller must be installed in a specific orientation in order to work properly. I would check the angle of the installation, if is not within the -20 to + 70 degree orientation it will not work properly. I have also included a help article that explains how to troubleshoot a trailer brake controller installation for your reference, and basically you will need to test the wires coming into the brake controller, and out of the brake controller to see if the controller itself is bad.