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Hopkins Tow Bar Wiring - Plugs into Vehicle Wiring - HM56202 Review

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Review of Hopkins Tow Bar Wiring HM56202

Today we're going to review part number HM56202, this is the Hopkins custom taillight wiring kit for towed vehicles. This is a custom fit part. It is designed to fit the 1998-2006 Wrangler and TJ models. Now on a custom fit part I always recommend to go to our website, use our fit guide, put in your year and model vehicle, and it'll show you if this will work for your application. Now this part will let you wire your vehicle except your RV's tail break and turn signals for flat towing. It provides this four-way flat plug at the front of the towed car to connect to your motor home or RV. It plugs in very quickly and easily, there's no cutting or splicing the wires. It basically uses T connectors here, connection points are located behind your vehicle's taillights, usually one on each side.

It does prevent electrical feedback to safeguard your towed car's electrical system. It uses this weatherproof box that's a converter, has built-in diodes that keeps it protected in the weatherproof box and also this won't interfere with your electrical system when the towed car is not hooked up to your RV or motor home. This part is custom designed for your vehicle. It includes everything shown here on the table. It comes with a nice mounting bracket and mounting screws, some dielectric grease, a grounding screw, and some zip ties. I'm going to show basically when you go to install this what you do is go to the back of the vehicle and gain access to the taillights wiring where the wiring harness connects to them.

You'll start on the driver's side and you'll take this T connector that has the yellow wire in it, that's for the driver's side, and you'll go ahead and disconnect the wire and harness from the taillights and plug this into that. And then what you'll do is take this extra length of wire with the T connector that has the green wire in it, that's for the passenger side, so you'll run this all the way over to the passenger side and do the same T this in between the harness and your taillights. And what you'll want to do is with this converter you don't want it bouncing around so you do want to attach this to a nice flat surface, either using mounting screws or some double stick tape to help attach this and keep it from bouncing around. And then this length of bonded wire where the four-way is attached, you'll run this all the way to the front of the vehicle and mount this four-way on the front of the vehicle to make it easy to access to plug into your RV or motor home. Now they do give you some cable ties to take up any slack in this wiring and the nice thing is you'll notice on the four-way you have a white wire with an eyelet coming out of it, this you do need to connect to a good clean ground. So they do give you a grounding screw that you can drill a hole and use to make a good clean ground.

And they even give you the mounting bracket, as you can see right here, so when you get this to the front of your vehicle what you can do is go ahead and put it in the mounting bracket, making sure your dust cap is sticking out there correctly, and then you just close it and there's two large holes there that you'll run your screws through. So you'll mount this to the front of the car so you'll always have access to plug in the four-way from your RV or motor home into it. If you're not using it, again you just put your dust cap over that to protect it. And one last thing what you want to do is they do include some dielectric grease, a packet of it, and what you want to do is when you make your connections on your four-way and any other connections you might make you want to put some dielectric grease on it because that will help resist and corrosion from forming on the electrical connections. That should do it for the review on part number HM56202, this is the Hopkins custom taillight wiring kit for towed vehicles.

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