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Review of Hughes Autoformers RV Surge Protectors - Surge Protector - HU27FR

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Hughes Autoformers RV Surge Protectors - Surge Protector - HU27FR Review

Hello everybody, this is [email protected] Today, we're gonna take a look at this hardwired 50 amp Power Watchdog Surge Protector with Bluetooth and emergency power off. Now this Surge Protector's designed to allow you to monitor the ParkPower conditions using your phone or your tablet with a Bluetooth connection. I'm gonna zoom into the front to show you what we talk about here. These, on the front here, they'll have LED lights that'll indicate if the unit is receiving power. The unit will check for open ground, open neutral, reverse polarity, open circuits and missed wired connections.

Basically, what you wanna do is when you're connecting to your ParkPower, before you connect your RV, you wanna connect this watchdog to the ParkPower first. And once you are connected, if the dog's face right up here will light up white, then that means all is well, you can finish connecting to your RV. If that phase happens to be red when it lights up, that means there's a problem. Then you wanna go to the side of the box, check the air code on the side of box to get it corrected. There'll be a code right down here you just see what's going wrong.

Now, if the dog's face does not light up at all, you wanna look down here, there's a little small LED light on the front. If that light is on, that means there's no neutral connection which is very dangerous to hook up to. If it is not on that means there's no power at the ParkPower. This is a very easy setup, you just scan the QR code code right down here, this label to pair your surge protector with your phone or your tablet. They do offer a free smartphone app that uses Bluetooth to send visual and audible alerts.

It'll send push notifications when the voltage is outside the acceptable range and it'll monitor volt, Samps, Watts, lets you set custom alert thresholds and it'll show your kilowatt per hour usage. And it is available for iOS and Android devices. Now this surge protector will protect your RV from power spikes and offers 4,800 joules of surge protection. It uses a smart circuit analyzer which will shut down the power to your RV. If the voltage will drop below 104, or raises above 132, it'll send alerts to your phone and it'll turn it back on after power has been in a safe range for about 90 seconds.

The plug and play surge protectors is ready after a four second delay. The audible click will tell you the surge protector is on, it is a hard wire installation. You can see this is the out, and this one is marked in, so your wires will come in here and they'll come out here. It does include the mounting bracket you can see right here, and the hardware to install it. Basically on the very back you can see the hard wire to mount these brackets right there to here, and then you have mounting hardware to mount this. It makes it very easy to hook up to ParkPower pedestal. There's no extra steps required and it protects the unit from the elements. Few specs on this are gonna give you the size of this. The amperage on this again is 50 amps, but the width on this, we put a ruler up the widest point, it's right at five and a half inches wide at the highs. And again, we're gonna include where your wires connect. So from there all the way up to here is gonna be right at 10 and nine, 16 inches tall. And your total depth, try it about four inches deep. It does come with a nice installation and operation instructions that'll describe everything we just talked about and how it installs. But that should do it for the review on the hard wire 50 amp Power Watchdog Surge Protector with Bluetooth and emergency power off..

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