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Hydrastar Brake Actuator HBA-CAM Review

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Review of Hydrastar Accessories and Parts HBA-CAM

Today, we're going to take a look at the Hydrastar controller-adapter module for the Hydrastar electric-over-hydraulic brake actuators. This part will allow you to use the newer, aluminum-colored Hydrastar electric-over-hydraulic brake actuators with the following OEM brake controllers: the 2007-2008 Ford factory brake controller, and the 2007-present GMC Chevrolet factory brake controller. We'll also work with some after-market brake controllers. I did happen to pull an example of the aluminum-colored. That's the newer style brake actuators, the Hydrastars. These are the ones that this will work; it will not work with the older, gold-color Hydrastar electric-over-hydraulic actuators. Basically what happens is the factory-installed truck brake controller, as well as some after-market brake controllers, are not compatible with that Hydrastar brake actuator.

Using these controllers with that actuator may result in false air signals from the controllers, and also cause clicking in the actuator. Both of those problems are the result of the electrical verification pulses that are sent out by the controller. When these pulses hit that Hydrastar actuator, instead of the electric brakes on the trailer, it will issue an air code and the pulse will momentarily turn on the Hydrastar's motor, creating that clicking you'll hear in the actuator. The problem is the starting and stopping of the motor could damage that actuator. What we do with this, is this module we will splice, using these two wires, into your Hydrastar's wiring on the trailer, and it can be mounted anywhere it's convenient. What happens is this module's designed to intercept those verification signals, and it will electronically answer them showing everything to be normal.

The air codes are eliminated, the Hydrastar motor clicking will stop, and basically that will cure the problem. The braking performance of the either the controller is not changed by this module. As I mentioned, this can be mounted anywhere. It splices into the Hydrastar's wiring with these two wires, very simple. Basically, your white wire, let me show you here on the actuator. If you look on the actuator, you have your four wires coming out of it.

You'll have a white wire that's a ground wire. This white wire, on this module, you'll splice into the white wire, on this actuator. Then the blue wire on this module, this will splice into the blue wire that comes with the actuator. This is the wire on the actuator. It goes to the brake-control outfit 00:02:18 wire from the tow vehicle.

You just splice the blue wire into that wire. The way this is designed, it will resist weather and shock. It is sealed in a nice, anodized aluminum case. It is made in the USA. Just to give you the size of this, overall length of it, end to end, is eight and a half inches. The width of it is three inches. The height is one inch. It does come with a nice set of detailed instructions that will describe how to connect it, and how it works. Again, just to reiterate, it works with the 2007-2008 Ford factory brake controllers and the 2007-present GMC Chevrolet factory brake controllers. That should do it for the review of the Hydrastar controller-adapter module, for Hydrastar electric-over-hydraulic brake actuators.

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