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Hydrastar Brake Actuator - Electric-Hydraulic Brake Actuator - HS381-8065 Review

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Review of Hydrastar Trailer Brakes HS381-8065

Today we are going to take a look at the Hydrastar marine grade electric over hydraulic actuator for drum brakes, and this has a 1000 psi rating. Now this Hydrastar electric over hydraulic actuator will offer a fast response time for shorter stopping distances. In emergency situations, and even in your everyday towing, you can control those fractions of a second that matter when it comes to stopping your trailer. This actuator has the 1000 psi pressure which is suitable for drum brake applications. It will work on single, tandem, or triple axle trailers with drum brakes. This will eliminate the feel of being pushed by the trailer.

It also eliminates problems found when backing a trailer uphill with surge brakes, and will eliminate the brake drag which is common with surge brakes on a downhill grade. As you can see, this unit has a nice sealed extruded anodized aluminum housing. On the very end here, you can see right down below the wiring, there is a vent. This vented end plate allows the release of any moisture, pressure, and heat from inside the housing unit. This is a marine grade unit, and when they say that, the reason they say that is these black gaskets you can see right here when the unit is put together, they use a marine grade gasket, and then the hardware is stainless steel hardware, and this allows it to be less susceptible to corrosion and it will protect the internal components from the elements. This does mount to the trailer. It connects into the trailer's wiring right here, and the hydraulic brake line is right over here.

Basically if you notice on here, you have your filler cap right at the top. If we just turn that and pop it off, you can see this is where you put your brake fluid in, fill up the reservoir, and once you get it filled up, go ahead and put your cap back on and just twist it closed. Right here, you've got a bleeder valve on top. This bleeder valve is used to get air out of your hydraulic system. This is the output port.

This is where your hydraulic brake line will adhere to. This is your wiring. I'm going to go over these wires here in a minute, what connects to what. Now this does require the use of an in-cab brake controller. It works with most electronic brake controllers that have electric over hydraulic brake function on them. It also will require a breakaway kit.

If you do need one, we do sell those separately on our website. It is Part Number HS496-82. We do sell those separately, and we do list them on this product page as a related product. Now the wiring connects as a 12 volt DC operation. It uses solid state electronics. The brake fluid that you can fill this with is either DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid. It will take either one. To put your cap back on, you just line that up, twist it, and it will lock it into place. Now the Hydrastar actuator is very easy to install. They meet all DOT and federal braking requirements, unlike some of your surge brakes which are illegal in many states. This does install as I mentioned using these four 12 gauge wires to connect to the wiring. We will start with the black wire. The black wire connects to your 12 volt constant power from the tow vehicle. Your blue wire connects to the output from your in-cab brake controller. The white wire is your ground wire. That will connect to the tow vehicle ground. Your last one, your yellow wire, that will connect to the cold side of your breakaway switch, not the battery side. It comes with a nice owner's manual here that will describe the operations of this part, and also how to install it. The last thing I want to do is give you some measurements so you've got an idea of the size of this. We will measure first the height from the bottom to the very top of the cap. If I put the ruler on this and just to give you an idea, you can see it's going to be about 7-1/4 inches tall up to the highest point. For the length, I am going to measure edge to edge, including these two mounting brackets here on the end. If we put the ruler edge to edge, it is about 11-3/4 inches long, and then the width of it is going to be right here. The widest part is going to be about 3 inches wide. That should do it for the review on the Hydrastar marine grade electric over hydraulic actuator for drum brakes with the 1000 psi rating.

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