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Hydrastar Brake Actuator - Electric-Hydraulic Brake Actuator - HS381-9066 Review

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Review of Hydrastar Trailer Brakes HS381-9066

Today we're going to take a look at the Hydrastar Marine electrical hydraulic actuator with the brake away and the 7-way RV harness. This one has a 1600 psi rating. Now, this electrical brake actuator will activate your trailer's hydraulic brakes when you apply the brakes in your tow vehicle. It does require a brake control, which we do sell separately on our website. That is required to send the signal from the tow vehicle to this actuator when your brakes are applied. Included in this kit is a 7-way trailer connector which will transmit the signal from the brake controller. Now, this will give improved performance when compared with surge brake couplers, gives you a lot faster response time.

The trailer brakes are triggered when you apply the brakes in the tow vehicle as opposed to when a trailer pushes against the hitch ball with surge couplers. There's no need to manually lock out your brakes when you back up. The trailer brakes can be intentionally be activated when you reverse and there's a manual override or your brake controller that you can be activated so you can engage your trailer brakes without having to apply your vehicle brakes. Now, in this actuator, there's an electronic proportional pressure valve that will ensure that braking is smooth and effective. On the very end, right under the wiring, there's a little vent. This vented end plate.

This is designed to release pressure, moisture, and heat in order to protect the internal components of the actuator. Basically, it allows the actuator to be mounted in place as where most actuators would overheat. On the top here is a built in bleeder screw. This will let you easily flush air out of your brake lines. The whole actuator is made of a durable extrude aluminium construction, provides superior corrosion resistance.

This is a marine quality because the gasket they use and then the screws stainless steel hardware. They use a marine gray gasket. That makes the actuator ideal for marine use. Now, the brake away system, which is this battery brake away switch right here, this brake away system will activate your trailer's brakes if the trailer disconnects from the tow vehicle. A battery charger ensures the system's battery is always charged. It's all in a nice weather resistant polymer case, and it's a top loading case for easy access from above.

Has a built in bracket attached to it for simple installation. Comes with the brake away switch. Now, this is the insulated 7-way RV trailer connector. It's a molded design to protect the wires and the terminals. Has a weather-proof corrosion resistant 7-pull junction box to protect the wiring, easy installation, and makes your diagnostics pretty simple. Has the ring terminals as your terminals in here, and then actually your ring terminals and butt connectors are all included right here in the wiring for connecting your wiring. The wire loom is a 6-foot slit wire loom, which will protect the wiring from the elements and allows wires in and out along any point of the loom since it's split for easy installation. This kit will include everything shown here, the Hydrastar Marine Electrical hydraulic actuator, the brake away system with the brake away switch, 7-way trailer connector, 7-pull junction box, again, the 6-foot wire loom, mounting and hiring hardware, and a set of detailed instructions for the actuator and for the brake away system on installing it. These parts are made in the USA. Again, the specs on this, the application, this is for a single tandem or triple axle trailers, usually 8,000 pounds or larger with trum brakes. Maximum output pressure on the actuator is 1200 psi. The hydraulic port size right down here is 3/16 of an inch. The wiring on the actuator, the black wire is for your 12 volt power, which is the 12 volt power. Blue is for your brake controller. The yellow is for the brake away. White is for your ground. On the brake away system, the battery capacity is 5 amp-hours. On the brake switch, the amount of cord here is 6-foot long connector length. On the wiring on your 7-way, the gauge on all the wiring, the black and the white, is going to be 10 gauge. The blue will be 12 gauge, and our remaining 4, which will be the brown, red, green, and yellow are all 14 gauge wires. That should do it for the review on the Hyrdrastar Marine electrical hydraulic actuator with the brake away and the 7-way RV harness with the 1200 psi rating.

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