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Review of InfiniteRule Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gen-Y Gooseneck Base Lock - 34065041

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InfiniteRule Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gen-Y Gooseneck Base Lock - 34065041 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at the Infinite Rule Stainless Steel Hitch Lock for the Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler with the four-inch round tube. Now this is a flush style hitch lock that'll secure the Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler to your trailer. As we mentioned, it works for couplers with the four inch round outer tube diameter. Did want to show you what that looks like. If you look at that insert right there, you'll be able to see there's a, this lock installed on one of those Gen-Y Gooseneck Couplers.

Just to show you there. It is a heavy duty high strength stainless steel construction. The stainless steel is extremely resistant to rust, corrosion, and wear. Also wanted to show you on the inside here, we're going to unlock it. Does come with the two keys.

Basically, you put your key in there and then the away you take it, unlock it is you just twist it like you're unscrewing a bolt. And once you twist it enough it'll come off. And we mentioned the O ring, if you notice right here, you'll see this orange or red color here. That's the O ring and that'll protect the internal components from dirt and grime. So when you do install this on there, keeps it nice and clean.

It does have the weather resistant, tethered dust cover, or dust cap on it. You can see right here to keep water and debris out of the key ways in the lock. And again, to install it, just turn it until it lines up, take your key. And then what she'll do is just twist it like you're tighten down a bolt. And once it gets far enough, just snug it up, back off the key a little bit, slide it out, and you're all locked in place.

Put your dust cover over there to protect it. Now these locks can be keyed alike to match other Infinite Rule locks and the way you do that, and just on the product page, select keyed alike from the dropdown menu, and then enter the number of locks into the quantity box. As we mentioned, the two keys are included and this part is made in the USA. Specs again, this application is a Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler with the four inch round outer tube diameter. Sheer strength on this lock is 42,000 pounds. The pin diameter is three quarters of an inch. And last thing I wanna do is just measure the length on this. And we're going to first do the overall length from this end all the way to this end. So if we go ahead and put our ruler on it, overall length is going to be right at seven and five eighths inches, and then the inside pin length, in other words, the span, that's the usable length it's going to be from here to here. So if we put a ruler on that, it will see that's right at four and seven eighths inches of usable length. But again, just to demonstrate, take your key, put it in there, unscrew it like your unscrewing a bolt and it come right off. Slide that through, put this on the other end, line it up, and then just go ahead and twist your key until you tighten it all the way down. And you can feel that snug up against that O ring, remove your key, put your cap on. And just like that you're all ready to go. But that should do it for the review on the Infinite Rule Stainless Steel Hitch Lock for the Gen-Y Gooseneck Coupler with the four inch round tube..

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