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Review of JR Products Propane - Hoses - 37207-31155

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JR Products Propane - Hoses - 37207-31155 Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the JR Products propane hose. Like most propane hoses, this is designed to allow your LP gas to flow through so you can power up those propane powered appliances.Now, when you're looking for a propane hose, there are a few things that I would suggest focusing in on to make sure that it's going to work for your setup. The first thing is going to be the length. Obviously, you want it to be able to reach from your gas cylinder to your regulator or wherever else you're hooking this up.

This hose is going to be five feet long. So as long as your point A and point B are less than five feet apart, you should be good there.This is a rubber hose. So it's going to be flexible and durable. It's going to resist any kinks or cracking, anything like that. So it should hold up well for you.

It's got an internal diameter of a quarter of an inch, which is pretty standard for most of these hoses. It's going to allow plenty of LP gas to flow through so you can power up those appliances.The second thing I would recommend looking into are your fittings. So there are several different kinds of fittings out there which makes it kind of difficult to pick. It'd be very easy if there's just one fitting then you'd know you'd get the right fitting. But because there are so many, you want to make sure that you are getting the correct fitting for your application.So we've got two different types here.

This is our POL connection. This is what's actually going to thread into our tank valve on our LP gas cylinder. So, your tank valve has inner threadings and outer threadings. This is going to thread into the inner threadings. And because of that, it is going to thread in counter-clockwise, which might be a little counterintuitive to those of us who learned the righty tighty, lefty loosey method.

But just a little bit more concentration, won't take much to get this threaded in.You can see we've got the O-ring there that's going to ensure a tight seal with our cylinder. So we're not going to have to worry about any sort of gas leaks or anything like that. So this fitting is pretty standard. Almost all your LP gas cylinders are going to have that inner threading that will work with the POL connection.Our other fitting is a quarter-inch male, quick disconnect end. And you will probably know if you need this one, you'll have a female quick disconnect end. So this will insert into the female end and it will easily fit in. To disconnect it you'll have a little ring that you'll pull back on on your female quick disconnect end and that will release it. So those are pretty straightforward. Should know if you need that or not. This is going to be very easy to hook up. You're not going to need any tools or anything like that. That's the nice thing about them.Keep in mind, this hose is designed for LP gas only. So don't use any other gases or water or anything with this hose. It is UL as well as CSA approved. So it's going to meet those high quality standards. Should do a good job for you. Do what you needed it to do and hold up well.Keep in mind if this is not the hose that you need, maybe you need a different length or different fittings, I'd encourage you to come take a look at our other options here at We've got lots of different hoses, different thicknesses, lengths, different fittings. We always want to make sure that you're getting the product that you need to solve your problems so you can get back to enjoying your time outdoors. We're not here to just sell products. We want to help you solve your problems. That's always our goal. So, take a look at our other options if this is not the hose that you need. That's going to complete our look at the JR Products propane hose.

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