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Review of JR Products Propane - Hoses - 37207-31275

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JR Products Propane - Hoses - 37207-31275 Review

Michael: Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the JR products Propane Quick Disconnect Hose with Regulator. Like most of your propane hoses, this is designed to allow your propane gas to flow through so you can power up a propane powered appliance. This hose specifically, you could probably use it to connect a 20 pound or 30 pound propane cylinder to a small portable appliance like a gas grill or something when you're out cooking some burgers while you're camping, something along those lines. Whatever the case may be, however you're wanting to use the hose, there are a few things that I would recommend looking into to make sure it's going to work for your setup.The first thing is going to be the length. Obviously you want it to be able to reach from point A to point B so that you can span that distance and get your propane where you need it.

This hose is six feet long, so as long as your point A and point B are less than six feet apart, you should be good there. It's got an internal diameter of 1/4", which is pretty standard for most of these hoses. It's going to be plenty of room to allow that LP gas to flow through there. This is a rubber hose, so it's going to be nice and flexible. You're not going to have to worry about any sort of kinks or cracking like that, so should hold up well, do the job you need it to do.The second thing that I would recommend focusing in on are your fittings.

There's lots of different kinds of fittings out there for your propane appliances and hoses. You want to make sure that you're getting the fittings that are going to work for your setup. This hose has got two different kinds of fittings. We've got the Type 1 or it's sometimes called a QCC1 or an ACME fitting. This is what's going to thread onto your cylinder nozzle to get that propane from your tank.

This does have a nice easy to turn handle here, so this is going to thread on the outside threadings of the nozzle, so we can use that same righty tighty, lefty loosey method that we're used to. It does have the regulator on there, so it's going to work instantly with our propane tanks. The other end is going to be a 1/4" female quick disconnect, so once we open that up we'll be able to insert our male quick disconnect end from our grill or other small appliance and then we can close that to lock it in place.This is very easy to use, it's obviously very quick. You're not going to need any tools, very simple to use. You just want to make sure that these are the fittings that you need for your system.

This QCC1, Type 1 fitting, it's pretty standard. It's going to work with almost all of your propane cylinders. The female quick disconnect is where you're going to be a little bit limited. You absolutely have to have the male quick disconnect to work there.This hose is a UL as well as CSA certified, so it's going to hold up to those high quality standards, you can trust it's going to do a good job and do what you need it to do. This hose is made here in the USA, if that gives you any more confidence in its quality, might be good to know that. Keep in mind if this is not the hose that you need, maybe you need a longer hose or you've got different adapters or different fittings that you need to fit onto, whatever the case may be, I would encourage you to come take a look at our other options here at We've got lots of different hoses, lots of different adapter fittings. We want to make sure that you're getting the product that you need to solve your problems so you can get back to enjoying your time outdoors. That's always our goal. So, that's going to complete our look at the JR products Quick Disconnect Propane Hose. Thanks for watching.

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