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Review of JR Products RV Doors - Access Doors - 37222133-A

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JR Products RV Doors - Access Doors - 37222133-A Review

Michael: Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the locking electrical cable hatch for your RVs. This is going to allow us to get our electrical cables up and out of the way and protect them from any weather, elements, or vermin that could potentially cause harm. It is a locking door so we've got a key that we can easily close the door and prevent any sort of theft or tampering with our electrical cords.One thing I really like about this door is that it does have this small latch here, slot that's going to allow us to run an electrical cord out while we have the door closed. If we're hooked up at a short power site we can run that electrical line out and then close our door and lock it up for the night so that we don't have to worry about anything getting in and causing any problems while we're hooked up.As far as the construction of this door and the frame, it is a very durable but lightweight plastic. It is going to resist UV rays as well as road salts and acids, so it should do a good job holding up for you.I do want to give you a few measurements here.

Our total width is going to be right at eight inches. The total height about eight and a half inches. The camera is at a slight angle so it might look like it's a little bit taller than that, but it is right about eight inches in reality. When we open up our door, our opening here is going to be about six and one eighth of an inch wide and six and five eighths of an inch tall. Our collar depth is right at one and one eighth of an inch.As far as our cutout, we are going to need about six and three eighths of an inch wide and six and seven eighths of an inch tall.

I won't necessarily show that to you because that's not the dimension of our collar here, that is the dimension of the cutout that you will need. It will be just slightly bigger than our collar but you do want to make sure that you're not cutting out too far because you will need to access these holes to get it mounted in place.If you don't already have some, we sell kits to get these installed. They include butyl tape to make sure that there's no water getting in behind your connections, nothing like that, and then they also have screws to get these installed. You can find those here at in mind, this is the white option of this door, there is also a black option available. You can see there, it is exactly the same, same dimensions, same material, it's just black in color rather than white.

If that matches your external aesthetics better on your RV, you can go with that one. Either way, both are going to do a great job keeping your electrical cables safe and tucked out of the way so you're not tripping over them when you don't need them.That's going to complete our look at the locking electrical cable hatch for RVs.