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Review of JR Products RV Doors - Access Doors - 372D6102-A

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JR Products RV Doors - Access Doors - 372D6102-A Review

Michael: Hi there, I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the Locking Multi-Purpose Access Door. This is going to help secure your electrical switches on your trailer or RV. It does have a key that is going to allow the door to be closed and secure so you don't have to worry about anyone getting in there, accessing your inaudible 00:00:27 components. You can see on the side here that latch does slide into that slot to make sure that it's nice and secure and when we open it up, it's removed. The key is numbered so if you lose it or need a replacement, you can get a corresponding key for your lock there, so all is not lost.This is made of a very light-weight but very durable plastic construction so you're not going to have to worry about it adding an increased load onto your RV or travel trailer.

It is a UV and impact resistant material. It's also going to help resist any road salts or acids, so it should do a good job for you. You can see it's got the polar color, however, it can be painted if you've got a different color scheme on your RV or travel trailer. You can paint it so that it'll integrate better into the aesthetics of the trailer.I do want to give you a few measurements here. So, our total width, right about 6-1/4 of an inch, our height, the outside there is right about 5".

The camera is tilted a little bit so it looks a little bit more than the reality is right about 5". Our collar depth is right at an 1". When we open up our door, we're going to have an opening of right about 4" wide and hard for me to hold it in there. It's right about 2-3/4 of an inch tall. As far as our cutout in our RV or travel trailer, we are going to need it to be 4-3/8 of an inch wide and 3-1/8 of an inch tall.

That is the size of the hole that you will need. You don't want to go much wider than that because you do have these mounting holes that you'll be putting your screws through so you do want to have something back there for those screws to grab hold of.If you don't already have some, we do offer a kit that will give you the screws and butyl tape to get this door installed on your RV. Butyl tape, if you're not familiar with it, it's a very tacky substance that you'd just line on the back here where your screws are going to go through. That's going to squeeze down as you screw this in. It's going to create a nice tight seal there so that you don't have any water running back behind there or through your screw holes causing problems.

It's just a good way of making sure that everything is going to be nice and watertight for you there.This is as far as the overall impression. Obviously you are going to have to drill a hole through here but it does give you the option of making that hole whatever size or placement that you need it to be. I think it should do a good job for you, just giving you that security. Making sure that no one can get in and mess with your components. That's going to complete our look at the Locking Multi-Purpose Access Door.