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Review of JR Products RV Sewer - Hose Hatch - 372L8182-A

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JR Products RV Sewer - Hose Hatch - 372L8182-A Review

Michael: Hi there, I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the locking sewer hose access door. So you can see we've got the two different models here, we've got a black model and a white, the polar white option here. Both these are going to have the same dimensions, they're going to serve the same purpose. They're both made out of a very durable UV and impact resistant plastic. There's also paintable if you don't like the color options we have here.

They're also going to resist any road salts and acids. so they're going to hold up well for you.The main difference between these two, other than the color is that our white box has a keyed lock system so that we can lock that door. No one can get in there, open it up, whereas our black option just has this turn knob that will hold the door closed but it's not going to prevent any sort of theft of your sewer pipes or other pipes.For me, I can't imagine too many people are wanting to steal your sewer pipes, so I would probably go with the black option. I wouldn't necessarily need the keyed option, but maybe you're more security conscious than I am and you would prefer to have that keyed option, totally up to you. With those two things being equal, it's really just the color difference whichever works best for your color scheme on your RV.I do want to give you a few dimensions here.

So our height on the outside of our box frame there is going to be six and a half inches tall. The width is right about seven and five-eighths, just a little over seven and a half inches. As far as our cutout on the backside here, we're going to be looking at right about four and three quarters of an inch. Now, you can see our measurement is just a little bit shy of that but with the cutout, you do want to have a little bit of wiggle room.And then our width, it's going to be right about five and seven-eighths again with a little bit of a wiggle room so that we can get this installed. Our opening here is just a little wider than four inches, so it is going to accept your four-inch rigid PVC pipes as well as your flexible hose, up to four inches in diameter.So overall, I think this is going to be a great option for you to help keep your pipes tucked away so they're not out in the open.

You don't have to worry about them falling out while you're traveling or anything, both doors are going to allow it to stay closed. And again, your white door has that keyed option, so if you are more concerned about security and those sorts of things, that might be the way to go for you.That's going to complete our look at the locking sewer hose access door. Again, I'm Michael with etrailer, thanks for watching.