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Review of JR Products RV Wiring - Cable Hatch - 372MGE32-A

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JR Products RV Wiring - Cable Hatch - 372MGE32-A Review

Michael: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today we're going to take a quick look at the locking electrical cable hatch for RVs. This is going to help protect your RV electrical cables, keep them up and out of the way so you don't have to worry about the elements getting to them, or any vermin chewing on them, anything like that.The locking door is also going to help prevent any theft or tampering. We are going to get one key with the door. The key is numbered so that we're match the lock.

If you do lose it or you need a second key, you can get a replacement using that same number on the backside there.You can see that our key is going to control that lever, and it's going to lock it in place, or allow us to open up the door. One of the nice things I like about this store in particular is that it's got this built in slot down here, that's going to allow us to flip that up so that we can run a cable out, even while we have the door closed and locked up.So once we get to our campsite, we can hook up to the shore power, have just that cable running out and then lock everything up so we don't have to worry about it. It is going to accept both 30-amp and 50-amp chords.As far as the construction of the unit itself, it is made of a very durable plastic construction, so it's going to be nice and lightweight. You're not going to add any load onto your RV. It is a UV and impact-resistant plastic.

It's also going to resist any road salts or acids, so it should be very durable. Hold up well for you.You can see this is the polar white option. This can be painted to match the color scheme of your RV exterior if you like. Just make it look even more integrated there for you.I do want to give you a few measurements to make sure this is the part that you need. Our total width is going to be right about six inches from our side there.

Our height, it's going to be right about six and a half inches. As far as our collar depth, the part that's going to stick into our RV, it's really only about three-eighths of an inch. When we opened up our door, our opening is going to be right about four inches wide and four-and-five-eighths of an inch tall.As far as our cutout, the size of the hole that we will need to make in our RV to get this installed, it's going to need to be four-and-seven-eighths of an inch wide, and four-and-a-quarter of an inch tall, and I'm not holding up the ruler up there because, that is actually a bit larger than our collar dimensions here. But you want it to be just a little bit larger so that you have a room to slide this in place. You don't want to go much wider than that though, because you do have these mounting holes to get your screws put in.If you cut out beyond those, you aren't going to have anything to screw this down on to, so won't hold it in place.

If you don't already have something to get this installed, we do sell this kit using the part number you see on the screen there. That includes both screws and butyl tape to get this installed.If you're not familiar, butyl tape is a tacky substance that you'll just place on the back side of your door here. It's going to squish down when you get this installed. As you screw it in, that pressure will squish that into place and will create a nice tight seal so that water isn't getting back behind there and causing problems. That will also follow the threading of your screw into the hole, so that that too will also be pretty water-tight. So, not going to have to worry about anything like that. It's a great kit, I do recommend it. Let me throw that part number up there again for you, if you need it. It's just a good way of getting this installed If you need help with that.Now, if this is not the door that you need, maybe you've got different dimensions or you're looking for something slightly different. I would encourage you to come take a look at our other options here at We've got lots of different products available for your RV and travel trailers. We always want to make sure that you're getting the product that you need to solve your problem.So that's why we provide these videos, to make sure that you're getting the right product the first time. And overall, I'd say this is going to be a great option for you, if you're wanting to secure up those electrical components, make sure that you're protecting them from, not only the weather and vermin, but also potential thieves or tamperers. It's going to be a great option for you. That's going to complete our look at the locking electrical cable hatch for your RVs.