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Review of JR Products RV Wiring - Cable Hatch - 372S7132-A

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JR Products RV Wiring - Cable Hatch - 372S7132-A Review

Today we're going to take a look at the locking 30 and 50 amp electrical cable hatch for RVs, and this is by JR Products. Now this cable hatch will keep your RV electrical cables protected and out of the way. Helps keep the cord safe from the elements and from any vermin trying to chew on your cables. It is designed to accept both 30 amp and 50 amp cords. And a nice feature on this, if you notice, has this built in slot where the door will just swivel open, and you can close it and lock it and you can run the cable out of the hatch while the door remains locked and close.The locking door does prevent theft and tampering. And this is a direct OEM replacement.

It is UV and impact resistant. It is resistant also to road salts and acids. You can see it's a nice polar white color, but it is paintable if you want to paint it a different color. Now we also sell, to install this, the installation kit is not included, we do sell that separately on our website. It's listed on this product page as a related product.

And that kit is part number 3724195. Comes with all your essentials to install the hatch. Basically the mounting screws and the butyl tape to run around here for a nice finish look.This part is made in the USA. Few specs I want to give you on this, we're going to measure the overall dimensions, the width and the height. So the width on it is right at 7-5/8 inches wide.

Overall height on it is 6-1/2 inches tall. And then on the back we're going to give you the cutout dimensions, or the rough opening dimensions that this will fit into. The width on that is going to be right at 5-7/8 inches. The height on it, it's going to be right at 4-3/4 inches tall. And it does have a little bit of a lip or a collar right here, and that's about a quarter of an inch depth.But again, it is locking, so you can just twist it to open it, twist it to lock it, remove the key, and the door is locked.

Put the key right back in, oops. But that should do it for the review on the locking 30 and 50 amp electrical cable hatch for RVs.