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Review of JR Products TPMS - RV - Trailer - 372FX2K

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JR Products TPMS - RV - Trailer - 372FX2K Review

Today we're going to take a look at the JR Products PressurePro FX2, App-Based 2-Wheel TPMS Kit. now this tire pressure monitoring system is for towables like boat trailers, campers, popups, and other trailer types. This is the PressurePro FX 2-Wheel Kit which will provide 24/7 continuous tire monitoring performance by delivering your tire pressure and temperature readings from your waterproof sensors here to your existing smartphone, using the free PressurePro App installed on your phone. That app is available for Android and iOS devices.The app will offer unique alerts like to low pressure, to high pressure, high temperature and cross axle alert. It'll also give you a push notifications and an FX warning light. The alert notification when it's out of the app or without a smart device.

And this kit does have the ability to monitor up to 40 different tires, so you can easily switch between multiple trailers using the app.Also available. We do sell this kit as a 2 Sensor Kit. We also sell a 4 Sensor Kit. The FX 4 sensor kit it's part number 372FX4K and it's for 4-Wheels. We do sell that separately on our website.

The sensors in this kit are sealed, waterproof sensor units. They allow for full submersion in lakes or rivers. There is no batteries required on these, so it's perfect for boat trailer applications. The pressure range on the sensor is 8 PSI to 215 PSI and pressure pro will provide pressure readings in units of either PSI, BAR or kPA, which is kilopascals, and also the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.This kit will include everything laid out here on the table. Start with the Pulse FX device also comes with the hook and loop mounting pads for installing it.

This device has a connection here and the connection right here. Comes with the plus fixed end power cable to provide your 12 volt power, has a plug here that will plug right into the bottom and then this will go into your normal 12 volt power connection.Over here is a pulse dipole antenna that'll attach to your windshield of your tow vehicle, the pickup, the sensors, and it has the connection here. That'll connect to the side of this device and it also comes with the two dynamic standard sensors. These are very easy installation, very simple to use. To start, all you have to do is thread the sensors onto a valve stem and I happened to pull a valve stem here and took the cap off just to show you how simple.

All you have to do is just spin those right on and then tighten them right down so they can make a connection and then you could read those on your app.And then basically once you get onto your app, it'll allow you to walk through and easily install everything else and how operate. These parts are built in the USA. Last thing I want to do is give you some of the measurements on these parts right here. The device, the box right here is 2-5/16" x 2-5/16" and the height of it is right at 3/4" tall. And on the sensors, you're looking at 1" diameter height on them is about 1-1/8" tall. But that should do it for the review on the JR Products PressurePro FX2, App-Based 2-Wheel TPMS Kit..

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