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Review of Jensen RV TV - 24 Inch LED RV Smart TV - ASA58VR

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Jensen RV TV - 24 Inch LED RV Smart TV - ASA58VR Review

Hi, everybody. Andy here with and today we're gonna take a look at the Jensen 24 inch LED RV smart TV. Now with this 24 inch 1080-C LED smart TV you're gonna be able to stream your favorite TV shows and movies anywhere you park. This smart TV supports: Netflix, Vudu, YouTube, and even Facebook and Twitter and more. Now this white LED lit television dis displays the realistic image with 16.7 million colors. It has a maximum resolution of 1920 X 1080 and an aspect ratio of 16 X 9.

Now this does look dim through my camera. I'm gonna just shut the lights off here. This is actually a very bright screen and if I turn my lights off here in the studio hopefully you can kind of get a better idea of the brightness, but again this is a very bright display when you see this in person and it's gonna be very easy to see and watch especially in your RV. So it is a really good display. Again, the white LED's makes this a very bright display.

Now the overall dimensions is gonna be 22 inches wide by 13 1/2 inches tall and the depth is gonna be 2 inches deep. Now, as I am turning this TV around we do have multiple connection points that I would like to go over with you real quickly. Let me tilt this here just a little bit. So you can see first we do have our optical port and then we have our land port, that's an RJ45, and then we have three HDMI ports and then over here we have our AVN or some folks will call it their RCA port. We have that there as well and then along this side, we have the RF port for antenna.

This does have an H built-in HD TV tuner that will bring in the digital television channels from the surrounding area. So an HD antenna is gonna be an important part of that and so you would just plug that in here and then we have a headphone jack, something you really don't see on a lot of TV's so we do have that here and then we have two USB ports as well along the side. Now the top control buttons that you see here are gonna provide a sleek look from the front. We have our source button, our menu button, channel buttons, volume buttons, and then power and then also included as you see here is our infrared remote control. So that's going to allow you to control the functions from the comfort of your chair in your RV and just kind of give you an idea here of just how easy that works.

As long as you're in front of that TV that's gonna work beautifully for you full function remote. So, that comes included along with batteries which I have in this remote and then a quick reference guide as well. This has a quick setup wizard menu, that's gonna give you the ability to access and adjust the TV settings such as your picture, your audio the time, setup, lock and channel options. The speakers here are downward facing as you can see right here. So they're gonna project the sound clearly and this has a hardy outer plastic shell and conformal coated circuit boards. They're gonna protect that TV during travel. So you're not gonna have to worry about vibrations or bumps. The polymeric conformal coating shields the circuit board from moisture dust and extreme temperatures. So this is indeed designed and built to be used in your RV and to take that level of punishment. Now, let me go ahead and once again, show you the back. This does have a VESA mountain pattern of a 100 millimeters by a 100 millimeters. That's going to allow you to install the TV with the compatible wall mount, again a 100 millimeters by 100 millimeters. It is important to note that this TV does not come with a stand and it does not come with a like a table-top stand or a wall mount, so those would be separate items. If you already do not have that, that you would have to purchase and of course here at, we have multiple options especially on those VESA mounts. Now the weight is seven pounds, so it's really a relatively light. Power supply is 110 volts and power consumption is 30 watts. All in all, I think it will be a, a great a TV on the on the smaller side for your RV and again, the display is very bright and very clear and I think it would be a, a really good addition. I think that's gonna conclude our look today. I hope it was helpful for you again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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