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Review of Jensen RV TV - LED HDTV-DVD Combo - JTV1917DVDC

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Jensen RV TV - LED HDTV-DVD Combo - JTV1917DVDC Review

MICHEAL: Hi there. I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at this Jensen LED RV TV. This does include a DVD player in it. This is a lightweight and durable high definition television that's going to be great for your RVs or maybe even your boat. It does have a 19 inch 720P screen, it's going to give you that high definition quality but it's not very big.

You are going to probably use this in smaller spaces where you're going to be only about two feet to four feet away from the screen, maybe in the bedroom of your RV or boat. Somewhere where you're not going to be very far away so that you can get the optimal viewing distance from it.As far as our overall measurements go and make sure that this is going to fit in your space. There's right about seven and 7/16 of an inch wide, or just under seven and a half inches wide. Our height for just the TV itself, we're looking at right at 11 inches tall before you include the feet here, it's going to take us up to right about 12 and 7/16 or just under 12 and a half inches with the base included. Our width, it's pretty thin as you can see there we're only looking at about, I'm going to call it an inch and three quarters of an inch deep and if we include our base, that's going to add a lot there.

Looking at probably about six and five eights of an inch for the base. Depending on how you want to Mount it, keep those measurements in mind.This is going to be a space saving option. Not only is it a smaller screen, but it also has the DVD player and CD player built into the side here. It's going to eliminate the need for a separate DVD or CD player, you're going to cut down on your space there. The controls for the television are at the top of the screen here when we zoom in a little bit, you can see those little better you can see we've got our open, our play, our source menu, our channels, volume and our power button there at the top, we can control it.

We are going to get a remote. I'll go over in a few minutes then here on the sides, we've got several different inputs. We've got our S P D I F output for our digital audio over here. We've got our audio, visual, red, yellow, and white inputs there and then our audio out, left and right there then on the back of the TV, we've got several other inputs, here's going to be DCN our power supply input.And then we move over we've got a USB and an HDMI as well as our VGA in PC audio, so that we can plug in a computer for wanting to use this as a monitor or use our computer to play videos, or what have you. Then our component video over here, is going to be for your analog electronics and we also have our antenna for our satellite coming in and then right here is our headphone Jack.

If we wanted to plug headphones or external speakers in that way, we can do that as well. Our HD TV tuner inside is going to locate and bring in the digital television channels from your satellite that you can view the local HD channels that are being broadcast around you. Now they do include several adapters. We've got our AC to DC adapter here, this will plug into your wall of your RV.Use that AC current that's coming in, we'll plug into the back, or you also have the option to plug into your cigarette lighter and go directly from DC to your screen. It will work on either option to give you a lot of adjustability and versatility there. The speakers are downward facing speakers, they are going to project the sound clearly. Now, keep in mind with your smaller screens like this, the speaker and sounds is typically the Achilles heel you had a small screen you're going to have small speakers. These are probably not going to blow you away with their volume level. You may be interested in hooking up an external speaker set If you have trouble hearing over your air conditioning system or something like that, but you do have that headphone Jack and the audio out ports on the side here so that you could hook up those external speakers if you wanted to.The remote that I mentioned earlier is going to fully control your TV from up to 30 feet away. You've got your TV button here and your DVD player here. You will select whichever one you're wanting to control, and then it will give you the options to control it. They do include a RCA cable for you as well. If you want to hook up a different device, you can do that on the back. Now, this is going to be a very durable option for you. It's designed to work in your RV. It's going to be good for the bouncing around that you typically get when you're in an RV, it's got a hard plastic outer shell, and the circuit board is coated with a polymetric coating to protect the circuit board from dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures. It's going to do a good job, hold up well for you.You do have two different options for displaying this, you've got the feet that I have installed already for you here. It was just install with screws on the bottom, you can just have it sitting on your table or TV stand, or what have you, or you can Mount it to the wall. The wall Mount is not included, but you will just undo the screws here and that will allow you to Mount to your visa mounting plates.Now, these are right about three inches and side to side, and again, three inches from top screw to the bottom screw. It's about 75 millimeters and 75 millimeters, you want to make sure that your visa mounting plate has a 75 millimeter by 75 millimeter option. Make sure that it will work for you and it is very lightweight. It's only about seven pounds. You're not going to need a very big bracket whatsoever to get it attached to the wall. That again, could be a space saver for you in the limited space that we have in the RV. This does come with a one-year warranty. If you we're to have any problems with it, you could give us a call and we'd help you out with that, but I really don't think you're going to have any problems other than potentially the sound. That's one thing that a lot of these smaller screens, it's less than stellar, keep that in mind.If you get it, it's not producing as much sound as you like. That's a common thing. It's not, the TV is not broken or anything like that. It's just, you're dealing with smaller speakers. Like I said, external speakers are an option that can help boost that and if you're in a small space, the internal speakers may do it for you just something to keep in mind there, but overall I think this is going to be a great option for you. It's going to be very durable. If you we're to have any problems, you could give us a call, we'd help you out, but I think this is going to be a great option for your RVs. It's going to bounce down the road with you and hold up well to all that kind of shock and jarring and temperature fluctuation. That's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with Thanks for watching..

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