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K Source Towing Mirrors - Full Replacement Mirror - KS70131-32T Review

Ellen: Hey everyone. I'm Ellen here at and we're going to be taking a quick look at the K-Source replacement towing mirrors. These are a great option for somebody who's going to be towing with their vehicle, and they want a better way to see what's going on behind them. But you don't want to have that kind of clunky or awkward adjustable, or a temporary towing mirror on the side of your mirror. They can fall off. They're not always the most reliable.

So by having something that's just attached to your vehicle all the time, they replace your factory mirror, it looks a lot nicer, and it still gives you a really good functionality. This kit will come with both your driver and passenger side, so it allows you to replace both at the same time. The nice thing about the K-Source mirrors is that they use the same footprint as your original OEM mirror.So there's no cutting or drilling. There's no wiring that you have to do. It's just going to plug right into your factory socket.

So, or your factory wiring is going to plug right into this socket. And then it uses that same footprint as your original mirror as well. It does come with new hardware. So you'll have new flange nuts to go on there and hold it in place. But it still has a power adjustability, heated function, and it also has the Amber turn signal on the edge of the light.

Nice Chrome and black appearance, so they look really snazzy on your vehicle. And again, we'll give you that greater field of view. The other nice thing about these mirrors is that right now they're in their compact position or kind of their regular driving all the time, but if you are going to be towing and you need that extra field of view, you can push these out, and it gives you that extended field of view.So you can better see what's going on behind you. You can change lanes, you can do all that kind of stuff and see what's going on. And then again, whenever you're not towing, you can just close them right back up.

And it's pretty simple. So really attractive looking mirrors. Overall, we also have the addition of this kind of a wide lens mirror at the bottom or that convex lens at the bottom, so it gives you that spotter mirror to just kind of see and eliminate any kind of blind spots. That telescoping function is really easy, just push it in or out. There's enough tension that you don't have to worry about it just flinging out or anything like that, it's going to hold really well. And that it can still close up next to your vehicle. Have that breakaway function that's really nice whenever you're going into a smaller parking spot, or maybe going into a parking garage or something like that, or on a one-way street.So you don't have to worry about it getting knocked off. But it'll just fold in next to the vehicle, right at this pinch point, it's kind of hard to do whenever it's not mounted on a vehicle just because it's pretty awkward. So, but again, it does come with both the driver and passenger side. The dual mirror face measures 10 inches tall by nine inches wide, the distance from the edge of the mirror to the vehicle whenever it's retracted like it is now it's 20 inches. Whenever we extend it out, it's 23 and three quarters. So it doesn't increase the overall length of your vehicle too much. And it does have a 90 day warranty to cover everything.Now, one thing to keep in mind is that if your vehicle didn't already have the heated function, or the turn light signal on the end, or the power function as well, this doesn't upgrade you at all. You would have to have that wiring in your vehicle to make those functions work, so just keep that in mind. This isn't going to give you anything that you didn't already have. It's just going to allow you to have those same features that you already did. So, hope this has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right kit for you. Again, I'm Ellen here at Thanks for watching.

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