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Review of Kelty Picnic Blankets - Jeanies Outdoor Blanket - KE92CR

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Kelty Picnic Blankets - Jeanies Outdoor Blanket - KE92CR Review

Hi, everybody. Andy here with And today we're gonna take a look at this Kelty Jeanie's Outdoor Blanket. Now whether you're needing a dry place to sit or an extra layer of warmth, this blanket is gonna be perfect for your next camping trip. This soft, quilted fabric on the side that we're looking at together right now and on the flip side, this water-resistant, welded construction is going to be comfortable, cozy, but also practical. This welded construction on this side of the blanket is water-resistant, keeping you dry on wet grass.

So I'm very pleased with just how soft and comfortable this side is. Then when you take a look at the bottom side here, I can definitely see that you're not gonna get any water coming through here, especially if you put this on damp grass, you're going to remain dry. Now, as you can see, we have this teal color on the, what I'm calling the bottom side here. And then on the top, soft, quilted side, we kind of have a yellow, purple, and teal pattern. I've heard this describe as a magic carpet design.

And on each corner, there are straps that you can use to anchor this down on the ground in the grass, especially during windy conditions or maybe even you could use these straps to hang it on some pegs or some nails to allow it to dry or air out. So you do have those straps on each of the corners of this blanket. And this blanket does fold into an attached zipper pocket. So the zipper pocket is not separate. It is actually part of the blanket which is nice because it's not, you don't have to carry an extra pouch with this.

So it's built right in. So when you have the blanket unfolded or deployed, you could use this pocket to transport or stash smaller items, maybe like a book, or maybe like keys, or something like that. So this pocket will be available while this blanket is out to store items like that. Now with this blanket completely unfolded the dimensions are about six feet, eight inches long and about four feet, nine inches wide. And this could probably seat about three or four adults comfortably if you we're wanting to sit on this together.

Now I wanna give you a demonstration of how to fold this blanket. So I'm gonna go ahead and just begin folding this here along the fold marks that we're folded into it while this was stored. So I'm just gonna kind of fold this about the same size as that pocket that's built in. So let me see how well I'm doing lining this up. So here's our pocket. I'm just trying to match that width as much as possible. It looks like we're pretty close. So then to begin to fold this inside, you'll wanna turn this pocket inside out, and then I'm gonna just kind of push this out here, especially at the corners. And this is very well-built. The seams seem to be very sturdy. So I have that pocket completely pushed out. I'm pretty close to the width there of that pocket. So I'm gonna begin folding on this side. And I wanna kind of fold into the pocket. So let's see if I can get pretty close to that. So as I'm folding, I'm also kind of pushing this into the pocket. And I think we're almost there. There we go. I'm just gonna fill out the rest of the pocket here. So it's relatively easy to get it inside of the built-in pocket. And then let me go to another angle here so I can see this a little bit better. Again, I'm just pushing out the corners and I think we are in there. So I'm just gonna go ahead and zip this up. It almost kind of looks like a pillow and you turn it on this side. You have a carrying strap here for easy carrying. And when we have this all folded up into the built-in pocket, we are sitting right at about 18 inches long and 13 inches wide. And the depth will vary. It's about four inches. I guess it depends on just how compact you fold this. But overall, this is gonna be roughly about four inches thick or four inches deep. Now this is gonna weigh about two pounds and I'm very impressed with this. I would have no problems using this blanket just at the house as well. I don't think it has to be limited to outdoor use, but if you are looking for a blanket to keep in your vehicle, to take at the campsite, or just to a picnic, this is gonna be a great option. And again, something I really like is you're not gonna have to worry about an extra pouch, it's built right in and it's gonna be all-in-one piece. Well, that's gonna conclude our look today. I do hope it was helpful for you. Again, my name is Andy. Thank you for joining me..

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