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Review of LaSalle Bristol RV Sewer - Waste Valves - 34466N4AB120GM

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LaSalle Bristol RV Sewer - Waste Valves - 34466N4AB120GM Review

Today we're going to take a look at the LaSalle Bristol RV Waste Valve. This has a three inch diameter. It's going to fit spigot to hub and it has a 120 inch cable. This is going to replace the valve in your RV's black water tank. That three inch diameter passage is going to allow waste water to travel freely. Whenever the valve is open, the hub or larger side, is going to slide onto your sewer pipe and the spigot or smaller side is going to slide into the sewer pipe.

That 120 inch flexible steel cable allows you to install the handle pretty much wherever you want it, in a secure location or hard to reach place, just anywhere that it's accessible, but still out of reach or still out of the way, so it won't get accidentally opened when you don't want it to be.Now again, this is going to be a 120 inch cable. That's going to give you 10 feet of length here so you can get this installed pretty much wherever you need it to be. A couple things to note whenever you're installing this, I have this looped over a couple of times. That's just to save space, otherwise this cable will be kind of all over the place and it'd be hard to see, but whenever you're installing it, you do not want to have it looped. You want to have it in a nice gentle bend, maybe an S curve, but no real hard kinks in that cable and nothing that's going to damage the cable or anything like that.The instructions that come with this lay it out a little bit more specifically on how they want you to mount this.

It's also worth noting that they do recommend anchoring it at a couple of spots along the way on that cable. So using something like zip ties or maybe a loom clamp to go over that and then attach it to the underside of your RV, not a bad idea.We do have loom clamps and zip ties or zip cables available here at You also need some ABS Solvent Cement required, that's required for this installation. And that's also not included with this, but you can also pick that up here at eTrailer. The part number for that is going to be A05-0303.

So you can pick that up along with some other things to keep your cable anchored down.We do have the handle on the other side or the end of our cable to open that and close it. So again, I have it looped just so you can see how this is going to operate, but if you pull, it's going to lift that valve seal. Push, it's going to close. It does have a nonstick coating to help that seal open and close more easily. It can be a little bit tricky to open it at first, so just apply some pressure and it'll open up just fine.Again, the inner diameter of our smaller side or the spigot side, that's going to be three inches.

Going from inside edge to inside edge, the outer diameter is going to be three and a half inches. If we flip that over to the other side or our hub side, the inner diameter is going to be three and a half and the outer diameter is going to be four inches.This is NSF approved and this product is made in the USA. And that's going to do it for our look at the LaSalle Bristol RV Waste Valve with the three inch diameter and a 120 inch cable.

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