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Review of Lets Go Aero Hitch Locks - Universal Anti-Rattle Lock - SHP2082

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Lets Go Aero Hitch Locks - Universal Anti-Rattle Lock - SHP2082 Review

Hey everybody, I'm Ellen here at Today we're taking a look at the SilentAct Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Lock, this is going to work for inch and a quarter and two inch hitches. And as you can see, I have this mocked up on a ball mount on a hitch stand here, so we can look at how this actually works and how it holds your item in place inside your hitch. So if we take a look on the inside here, you can see that there's that little block going through our shank of the ball mount. And there's also a spring to help keep that block in place. So as you're threading the bolt in, it's going to hold tight against that block, and that's what keeps the tension there.

So it does a really good job of taking out the shake and play of our accessory side to side.I have to hold this really tight to even try to move that side to side, so it doesn't want to move it all that way, but it doesn't really do anything to eliminate the up and down motion. Not necessarily a big deal though, since a lot of times, the accessories that we're putting on here are going to have a lot of weight pressing down on our item. So if we've got a ball and a trailer and everything else pressing down here, it should be doing most of the work as far as taking out the up and down movement there. Of course, whenever you hit a bump, you will probably have a little bit of movement there, bike racks and cargo carriers, things like that, they'll probably have more up and down movement. So that's something to keep in mind.

But typically with any cargo or towing application, that up and down movement might not be as big an issue. If I loosen this up, you can see how much play there was in here originally, so I'll just loosen that until it is completely Unbound.Oh, of course, the lock. It's going to determine how far out I can go with this. So it's got our barrel lock on the one side, two keys to undo that. So I'll take off the head here.

There it's sprung out, you can hear that spring inside. So now you can see there's a lot of side to side movement in that hitch, so there's always play in between the hitch and our accessory, and this is going to help to mitigate that. Most of that is going to be the side to side movement, as I mentioned, but that's just something to keep in mind. As far as getting this in place, your item does have to have a hollow shank, it just doesn't work if it's a solid shank in there. So if you're using this on any bike rack that has a solid shank or any other accessory, this just won't work.You'd have to use something a little bit different, maybe a hitch immobilizer, something that goes around the outside of your hitch, and then around the bottom side of your accessory, and those do a good job of eliminating that top to bottom movement.

The other main criticism I have for this system, is just getting this block and spring in place. It can be a little bit frustrating because they're not really tied in together, there's just a little groove on the block to help keep that in there. So you have to scoot it along the shank to get that in there.There's just a little groove in that block that the end of that spring rests in, but that's all that really keeps this together. So that's my other main criticism for this system. All in all, I think it's a pretty good way of keeping most of that movement out of your shank. The bushing here, that rubber piece is going to provide the extra tensioning or the cushion against your shank, so you don't have to worry about much movement there, and the lever action makes it pretty easy to free that up and take it out. But honestly, this isn't my favorite, as far as the hitch lock accessories. The immobilizer, like I mentioned before is pretty nice, it does require some tools to get it installed. That is an advantage that this one has, is that it is a tool free installation.You pretty much just have to put it in place and then it's good to go. So it's not like you have to get out a wrench and socket or anything like that to tighten things down. It can be used on inch and a quarter and two inch hitches class one and class two. But those are my pros and cons for this system. As far as the size, so you do need to have a little bit of room on either side of your hitch to get this in place. And from the washer to the outside of this handle here, it's about one and five-eighths inches, so you'll have to have at least that much space on the side of your hitch, for the lock portion it's about one and a quarter inch. So you will need a little bit of clearance on around your hitch.Some of the factory hitches can be a little bit tight as far as the clearances, so that's why I mentioned that. Also the handle is about five and an eighth inch long. So depending on how you have that turned, you can turn it forward or coming off the back of your vehicle, maybe up, it just depends on your configuration there. The pin diameter is three, eights, seven inch for the threaded portion and then half an inch for the non threaded portion. The inside pin length, or at least the clear span is going to be two and a half inches, so it has that total length inside or the usable length inside. The overall length for this unit is going to be about five and a half inches, if we go from one side to the other, if we include the handle in there, it's a bit longer, it's about nine inches total.It does have a one-year limited warranty. The pin is a chrome plated stainless steel, so we won't have to worry about much rust with that at all. The rubber cap on our lock is going to be weather resistant, so it should keep that cylinder free of any debris getting in there, and keep everything nice and tidy for us. That's pretty much just going to do it for our look at the SilentAct Anti-Rattle Trailer Hitch Lock. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is going to be the right fit for you. We have a lot of options available here at So definitely check those out if you're interested. Thanks for watching.