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License Frame Novelty - Key Chain - HDKAU28 Review

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Review of License Frame Novelty HDKAU28

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number HDKAU28. This is a Harley Davidson key chain. It's going to have a light and a Harley Davidson sound. It's going to include the black gift box. It's going to have the viewable, clear top window. Here on the side it's going to be secured by a magnetic closure flap.

It's a really nice little design when it comes to the gift box. You want to take it out. The key holder is going to feature a ten second authentic Harley Davidson motorcycle engine sound. If we push the button on this side, you'll be able to hear that. I'm going to go ahead and push it, and let it play all the way through. It's also going to feature the matte, nickel, metal case.

That's going to depict 3D sculpted flames and a plain bar and shield. The button on this side is going to operate a blue LED bulb that's going to emit a 60 degree flashlight, focus being spread. We take a measurement of the overall length, including the ring holder, or the key holder. It's giving us a measurement of about 4 inches, and then to this point here, it's just going to be 2 and a half inches. Then you've got the easy access buttons on each side of the key chain that's going to control the different functions.

That's going to do it for today's review of part number HDKAU28. This is the Harley Davidson key chain with the light, and the Harley Davidson sound. .

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