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Review of Lippert Camper Jacks - Leveling Jack - Stabilizer Jack - LC285325

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Lippert Camper Jacks - Leveling Jack - Stabilizer Jack - LC285325 Review

Hello everybody, this is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this Lippert Scissors Stabilizer Jack, has a 24 inch lift and a 5,000 pound weight capacity and it is for quantity of one jack. Now, if you're looking for a nice, safe, durable and dependable option for stabilizing your trailer. This scissors jack's a nice, safe bet. This scissor jack will have a 5,000 pound capacity to help stabilize your fifth wheel trailer, travel trailer, horse trailer or even your cargo trailer. Now this part is just for a single jack.

We do also sell this in a kit, which would be a total of 2 of these jacks and a crank handle. It is part number LC 285326 and it is sold separately. And we do list it on this product page as a related product. Now, this single jack does not come with the crank handle. That crank handle is used to raise or lower the jack.

We do sell that handle separately. It's part number LC 285324 and it also is listed on this product page. But I happened to pull that handle just to show you what it looks like. And basically just to demonstrate how this jack will operate. You put the handle over the drive nut and then if you crank the handle clockwise, you can see that it'll raise the jack very quickly and easily.

And if you rotate it counter-clockwise, you can see that it would lower the jack pretty fast. And once you get all the way to the bottom, it'll stop cranking. Now one caution, I do want to recommend to you and it's stamped on this warning label right here. That on this type of manual jack, you do not want to use any type of impact wrench to crank the jack 'cause it will void the warranty. They just recommend to use that manual crank handle.

Now on the top of the jack right here. You can see the mounting plate, this, the mounting pattern on this mounting plate and the overall dimensions of the jack is an industry standard. So it does mean that it should easily bolt onto your trailer in place of your original jack. And the easy bolt on installation comes with the included mounting hardware, you can see right here to install it. The very bottom portion, you can see that goes onto the ground. It is a bow tie design and that design will help keep the base steady even on soft surfaces. The jack itself has a nice, nice heavy gauge steel construction, ensures durability and strength. Has a nice black powder coat finish over it to provide protection from rust and corrosion. A few specs on this. Let me just zoom in. I want to measure the collapsed height. In other words, right now it's fully collapsed. So from the ground to the top of that plate its going to be right at 4 and a quarter inches. This does offer a total lift of 24 inches. So if we would crank this jack out all the way to its extended height, and then measure from the ground to this plate it would be 28 and a quarter inches. The collapsed length, meaning like now when it's fully collapsed from this end to this end. If we put our tape measure on it, is going to be right at 26 and a quarter inches. The mounting base right up here, width of it is about 3 and a quarter inches. And the total length of it is right about 10 and a quarter inches. And as we've mentioned the load capacity on this jack is 5,000 pounds. It is for quantity of one jack. And a note just so let you remember that this jack is designed to stabilize a portion of your trailer's weight. It is not designed to support the full gross vehicle weight rating of the trailer. So you do not want to use this jack to lift your trailer RV, doing so will exceed the capacity on the jack. But that should do it for the review on this Lippert Scissor Stabilizer Jack with a 24 inch lift, 5,000 pound capacity, for a quantity of one..

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