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Review of Lippert Camper Jacks - Stabilizer Jack - LC191023

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Lippert Camper Jacks - Stabilizer Jack - LC191023 Review

Hello everybody This is Jeff at Today, we're going to take a look at the JT Strong Arm Jack stabilizer kit for fifth-wheel RVs. Now this will minimize chassis movement in your fifth-wheel RV using this Jack stabilizer kit. Now, everyone who owns a fifth-wheel or a travel trailer knows that some side-to-side or front-to-back movement is expected, which is pretty annoying, frustrating, unwanted, but it is expected. The strong arm Jack stabilizers will help eliminate the chassis movement problem found in travel trailers and fifth-wheels. And eliminates the need for ineffective tripods or pin stabilizers.

The strong arm uses the power of triangulation. Basically, one end of the strong arm will easily attach to the leveling jack and the other end to the RV frame. So when it's parked, the strong arm will telescope into place as the jacks are lowered and the RV is level. And then just an instant twist right here of the strong arms T handle will lock it into place. And that'll virtually eliminate all side-to-side and front-to-back movement.

Basically, it'll stabilize the RVs chassis just like the stabilization that you see in race cars. application this is her fifth-wheel trailers with 53 inch or more inches between the front landing gear legs. Basically, you attached the telescoping tubes to your jacks and then position them in place to brace your trailer frame. Now it does include four stabilizers for use at the front of the camper, and then two for the rear. One end of each stabilizer tube attaches to each landing gear leg and the other one attaches to the RV frame.

And as we've mentioned, they'll form triangles at the front and the rear jacks to prevent shaking and swaying. These do install easily on fifth-wheel campers they'll bolt on to C channel, I-beam or H beam, trailer frames, no welding required. And as we mentioned they'll just tell us scope out for the perfect fit. Now they do attach the traditional stabilizer jacks, scissor jacks, and or landing gear. They do offer adapters If you want to attach it to electric or hydraulic jacks.

We do sell those separately. But basically, this kit will include everything laid out here on the table. It'll include six of the outer tubes and then six of the inner tubes right here that will slide in and out. six of the T bolts You can see all of them right here. the four spacer mounts which are these parts right back here the six stiffening pads, two clevis brought brackets the ten swing bolts, which are basically four long ones six short ones, nice set of instructions. And the remaining hardware you need for installing all these parts to your vehicle but that should do it for the review on the JT Strong Arm Jack stabilizer kit for the fifth-wheel RV's..

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