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Review of Lippert Components Camper Jacks - Electric A-Frame Jack - LC89VR

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Lippert Components Camper Jacks - Electric A-Frame Jack - LC89VR Review

Hey, everybody. I'm Ellen, here at and we're going to be taking a quick look at the Lippert Power Stance Electric Trailer Jack. This gives you a great way to lift and lower your jack, so you can get hooked up and disconnected from your trailer. And it also comes with the power swap wiring. So this gives you a kind of a backup way to power the jack. If your battery should die on your trailer and you can't power it up that way, you can plug this into the jack with that two-prong plug there, and then the other end goes into your seven pole wiring on the back of your truck or the back of your towing vehicle.So this just plugs right up into the front.

There's a little flap there, so you can get it connected, and keeps that from getting any kind of water in there while it's not being used. You just push that in. And then the other end, again, it goes to your trailer wiring. Now, whenever you're not using this, you can just wrap the excess around the base of the jack and then put this seven pole up into the storage compartment below the housing.You can either keep this plugged in or unplugged, it's kind of up to you. If you don't have it plugged in, again, you can just cover it up with that little flap there.

So it gives you a nice backup for powering your jack. Of course, it does also come with the manual crank. And you can use the little access hole up at the top to open that up and run the jack up or down manually. So always have that as your backup to the backup.As far as the power function, I'm going to turn this on and connect it up to power and ground so you can see how well it operates. It is pretty quiet.

It has those helical cut gears, so has a really nice quiet operation. Just going to connect the ground to that plate for the mounting bracket, and power to that red wire. And you'll notice whenever I flip this on, there's going to be some little lights underneath. That always helps, whenever you're connecting in the dark.Let me make sure I've got a good ground here. So, extending that down, and you can tell it's really not that loud for jack.

So it just moves really nice and easily, and same thing going the other direction. But I don't have the greatest connection with my setup here, so that's kind of all it can do, but at least gives you an idea of what the jack sounds like, how it moves, and all that good stuff.As far as the measurements for this, give you some numbers to think about. Whenever it's all the way retracted, that bracket sits at 10-3/4" tall. Whenever it's all the way extended, it's going to be at 28-3/4". So that gives us 18" of lift overall, and we'll have about three, or 5-1/2" for the footplate diameter. And this can lift up to 3,500 pounds. Of course, you do want to be always careful with that. You don't really want to max it out.As far as the other specs with this, our seven pole wiring there measures about 6' long. The wiring here measures about 2' long, and it does have a fuse, inline, that is a 30 amp fuse to help keep your jack protected from any kind of overloads. There are two access plugs on either side, to get access into the inner workings of your jack as well.That's pretty much it for our look at the Power Stance Electric Jack. I hope this has been helpful in deciding if this is the right one for you. We do have a lot of options here at, so check them out. Thanks for watching.

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