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Review of Lippert Components RV Awning Parts - Anti-Billowing Bracket Kit - LC78FR

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Lippert Components RV Awning Parts - Anti-Billowing Bracket Kit - LC78FR Review

Hey everyone. Ellen here at, and we're looking at the anti-billowing kit for your Solera awning.This helps to prevent that awning from just catching the wind and rolling out that fabric even when you don't have the arm deployed. It's going to basically be a stopper to help prevent that.You'll have the bracket to mount on the wall of your RV and then this little bracket that's going to go on the end of your arm or where the fabric roll is. Basically, this piece just will knock against this and prevent it from rolling out any further. It might do a little quarter turn at most, but it's going to help to prevent your fabric from getting damaged, from it billowing out while you're on the road, which is not ideal for anybody, and keep everything where it should be.It also comes with the hardware to attach, so pretty straightforward install and should keep everything where it needs to be. The brackets are made out of an aluminum material, so they're going to be lightweight but still durable.

There's a little rubber coating on the end of this piece to help prevent it from marring this top piece too bad. Again, this is going to be the bracket that's mounted onto your RV, and this one is going to be mounted on the end. They say that you should put this piece towards the front of your awning, or both of these would go towards the front of your vehicle, and should keep it in place.We'll have three small screws to put in the round bracket. Kind of two on the bottom and then one on the top and then two longer screws to attach the RV side bracket. Those two screws, there.Not a bad idea to put some butyl tape behind this bracket as you're mounting it onto the RV to make sure that there's no water that's going to get into there and cause any issues.If you need butyl tape, you can find that here at, or you might have some leftover from any other kinds of RV project like putting in a vent or a fan or something like that on your roof.

As long as it's still got some tack to it, it should be able to be reused for this. Even if you don't have any, it can be used for a lot of different applications on an RV. Pretty much everything takes butyl tape, so not a bad idea to get it if you don't already have it.Anyway, that's going to pretty much do it for our look at the anti-billowing kit. I hope this video has been helpful in deciding if this is the right piece for you. Again, check us out here at

We've got all kinds of stuff to help you out on the road with your RV, so check us out.Thanks for watching.

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