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Review of Lippert Components RV Awning Parts - Replacement Pitch Arm - LC375994

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Lippert Components RV Awning Parts - Replacement Pitch Arm - LC375994 Review

Ellen: Hey, everyone. I'm Ellen here at Today, we're taking a quick look at the replacement pitch arm assembly for Solera standard flat awning support arm. Now, this is going to be the portion of your support arm for your awning that actually lets you make an adjustment so that you can pitch one side down to let any rain drip off of the one side. So if you leave your awning level, it can actually collect condensation and then cause issues with being a big puddle in the middle of your awning. So this allows us to just adjust one side down so that it can all drain off to one side.

Now the retaining washers that are needed for your installation are going to be sold separately. You can pick those up here at using part number LC282484. Those are sold separately.And basically this is just an articulating arm here, so we'll have our friction pivot point that you can just move that angle out to get your awning where it needs to be. And then it doesn't affect the awning retracting at all whenever you're ready to load up and move out for the day, and hit the road again. So this is going to work for your 69 inch standard flat awning support arm.

That part number is sold separately for the complete kit and that is LC281154. As far as the length of this portion here, just for reference, it is 31.5 inches long from end to end. The distance between the mounting holes, the very end here to the furthest one, is about just about 30 and five eighths inches center to center. And then about 29.5 inches to the secondary hole in the back here.So it will have two holes for mounting there. I just wanting to give you those for reference.

This larger, outer tube is about an inch wide. The smaller inner tube is about three quarters of an inch wide. The length between those articulating parts is about 17 and seven eighths inches for this larger portion and about 13 and three quarters roughly from the end to this inner portion here where it meets up with our larger guy. It does have a black powder coat finish, so you shouldn't have to worry about this rusting or corroding anytime soon. And it does already come assembled with that friction fitting in the middle there.

It is made in USA and that's going to do it for our look at the replacement pitch arm assembly for the Solera 69 inch standard flat awning support arm.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Bill C.

That was kinda my thoughts as well. Thank you for the reply!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Happy to help!

Bill C.

is it recommended that the support pistons also be replaced along with the support arms?

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

Not necessarily. If the support pistons or gas struts are still in good working condition then I wouldn't worry about replacing them.

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