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Review of Lippert Components RV Cargo - Cargo Bins - LC664640

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Lippert Components RV Cargo - Cargo Bins - LC664640 Review

Narrator: Today we'll be taking a look at the SolidStep Locking RV Storage Box. And whenever you install your SolidStep entry steps, it's going to take the place of your old factory RV steps and so those usually sit in the housing and then there's a bar at the back. But now there's that space and there's nothing really in there, so this is going to take up that space, make it into something usable. So we'll have a storage compartment there to house any of our hoses, cables, maybe some chocks. It has a weight capacity of 100 pounds so anything at or below that will fit in here.A couple things I like about it is that it makes that space usable again. Pretty straight forward as far as the installation.

There's a bracket that we attach to the back of the box. There's a couple tabs riveted on here, and then the bracket sits on that, or it sits on the bracket there, and then we can mount this to our RV.It's a little hard to line up the bracket itself. You might need to get a rubber mallet to kind of hit it into place to get it to line up with the mounting holes and to get those to line up with the nutserts on the back.Some things I am not thrilled about with this box is that the finish, although it's matte black and it's going to help to resist any corrosion since it's powder coat, it does tend to like to grab onto dirt. So as you can see on the back it's already gotten fairly scuffed up, but if that's not an issue for you then it's not a big issue overall.But really the thing that I'm not crazy about is the locking mechanism. It's kind of hard to operate, at least for me.

You have to really press on this to get it to open, so press pretty hard and then it'll open out. But on the inside we do have a nice gasket to provide some water protection, keep all our stuff inside pretty protected and dry so we don't have to worry about that getting mucked up by any road debris, salt spray, anything like that.Here are a few little bitty chinks in the construction here. So there's a little bit of daylight coming through on this side, a little bit of daylight coming through over there. If you want to really seal it up you can always get some epoxy or some silicone, fill in any gaps to make it completely water tight. But for the most part I think anything that we're going to put in here really won't be harmed by a little tiny bit of that sort of stuff getting in.

This gasket is going to do a pretty good job of keeping everything nice and protected.As far as the usable space inside here, it has about nine and a quarter inches of depth. And it will be mounted like this, so that door is going to open out like you see it here. We'll have about 26 and three quarters inches of usable space going long ways. And then about 13 inches of height.The opening is a little bit narrower. It kind of tapers in, or narrows in so that entry point is about 24 inches wide by about ten and a half inches tall.When we go to close this up, you do need to hold it closed and then really firmly press on that lock to get it to go back closed.

And that's where I really struggle with this 'cause it's pretty hard to press into place. I also have it sitting on a lazy Susan so that doesn't help anything, but this is my main issue with this is that this is a pretty hard lock to use. And now it's closed bu tI think it's just barely so you might be able to lock it, but yeah.So it's not all the way closed. You can see the button isn't quite flush, so that's the biggest issue for me. But if you have stronger hands than I do, which is probably the case, it might be a little easier for you to operate.Overall though I think this is going to be a good addition to your RV since it gives you an extra storage space to put anything in there that you want, and it just makes that otherwise kind of blank spot on your RV into something that you can actually use.The outside dimensions of this will be 27 and a quarter inches long, or about, that's going to the outside of the door there. Depth wise with the bracket it would be about 15 inches. And then about 13 and three quarters of an inch, that door, the box is about 13 inches even.Again it does have that weight capacity of 100 pounds. We'll get the hardware to mount our bracket to our RV, and then mounting the box to the bracket, and then we'll get two keys for our lock.And that's gonna do it for our look at the SolidStep RV Storage Box.

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