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Lippert Components RV and Camper Steps - Motorhome - LC3658373 Review

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Review of Lippert Components RV and Camper Steps LC3658373

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Lippert Kwikee powered step. This is a 25 Series triple electronic step for your RV. As you can see, again, this is gonna have the three steps there, and this is a powered RV step. So one of the really nice features about this step in particular is that it does come with the feature of having an automatic door-open. So with this little sensor here, you'd attach one side to your door, and then the other side to the inside of your RV, and power that up. And basically, they just fit together.

They each have a little magnet in there, so whenever your door is together, it'll sense that, and then whenever the door opens, and they separate, that'll automatically deploy your steps out. And then whenever they come together again, that will automatically retract your steps back in. So it's a really nice, handy feature. You don't even have to think about it, they'll just automatically open and close with your door.Now, let's say you're at the campsite, you don't want that feature to keep coming on every time you open and close the door, since you're not moving anywhere. There is a little override switch, and a little cover for that, so that just clips right in there.

And basically, you'll jus switch this to on, and then that'll override that automatic sensor. So if you open your door, flip this, and then your steps are already out, it's going to freeze them in that position. So now your steps are already out, and you don't have to worry about them going in and out every time you go in and out of your RV, they're just gonna be there when you need them.There is a safety feature wit this kit, built into it, so if you turn the ignition on in your RV, and the steps are deployed, they're automatically gonna retract, so you don't have to worry about forgetting that. They are going to retract themselves if you start to go somewhere with your RV. So no worries about accidentally driving off with these deployed.Another safety feature is that if you we're to hit an obstacle, like a curb or something, whenever these are coming out, or another traveler or anything like that, they are going to sense that and then stop, and then retract back in.

So you don't have to worry about hitting anything on accident, and the steps forcing their way through it. It is going to automatically retract for you.Now, the dimensions on these steps is going to be 24 from side to side, 24 inches, and then it's going to be 11 inches deep from front to back. There's a seven-inch riser drop between each step, so that's measuring from the top of the step to the top of the next one, that's seven inches. The mounting bracket itself is going to be 25.5 inch wide. Again, that's going from side to side.

And the it's going to be 11 3/8 inches deep. And it is going to be 9 5/8 inches tall, so that's the measurement, whenever the steps are retracted or closed, and all together, that's going to be 9 5/8 inches. So that gives you an idea of how big a space this is gonna take up on the underside of your RV.Now, this does not come wit the mounting hardware to get this installed. You can pick this up separately. But Lippert does have several pre-drilled holes around the top of that mounting bracket to make it a little easier to get that installed, so you don't have to worry about drilling through this. You can just bolt it right on, and you should be ready to go.The wiring for his is going to be mostly contained in this four-wire plug here. It does have the weatherproof seal, to keep out any water or debris from getting in their and ruining your connection. That plugs right in, again, to the waterproof connector on the back side of your step. It has a nice thick coating on the outside of that, to prolong the life of it, and it just snaps right in, so that makes it really simple to get that connected there.There's also the universal ground wire, and this little purple wire allows you to connect the light on this step to your porch light on your RV. If that's an option for you, you can do that there. Again, that light is gonna be on the underside of our step there, and that just provides a little extra illumination for those steps, so wherever you're getting in and out of your RV in the dark, you have a little bit of light to shin on your steps to make them easier to see.There's also a high-visibility yellow strip on the top of each of those steps, again, to help you see where they are, and see the edge of that step. That's housed inside the sure-grip coating that's on the top of teach step, again. And it's just like a really rough sandpaper, so it's gonna give you a good purchase on each of the steps. You don't have to worry about slipping and sliding on those whenever you're getting in and out, or on rainy days, it's going to provide a really good foothold for you there.This is a really well-built step. It's made of a sturdy steel construction with a black powder-coat finish. It also has air-pressed rivets that are gonna be a little bit better and longer-lasting than blot-on types that could come loose over time. It also has this solid steel drive rod there. So that's just gonna give you that extra peace of mind that this is gonna be a really long-lasting step, and it's gonna do a great job for you.It's also going to have a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds, and this works with entry heights of 19.5 inches. So as long as you are within that range, you should be good on these steps working for you. Again, this is gonna be the three steps, mounts up right here, and the distance between those steps is gonna be that seven inches. And the step itself is 24 inches wide by 11 inches deep, so it's a nice wide step to help you get in and out of your RV safely. And that's gonna do it for our look at the Lippert Kwikee 25 Series triple electronic step. Speaker 2: inaudible 00:06:09.

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