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Review of Lippert Components RV and Camper Steps - Quad SolidStep - LC791574

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Lippert Components RV and Camper Steps - Quad SolidStep - LC791574 Review

Today, we'll be taking a look at the Solid Step Manual Fold Down steps. These are going to be a quad style step and these are a really great improvement for your RV's typical step that doesn't touch the ground. This is going to be, as the name suggests, a very solid step to get up into your RV and back down.Now I have this just kind of resting on that table but you can take a step here and it's really solid. I'm having to really move it around and it doesn't really want to move at all but it feels very secure even just resting right here. It's a solid nice stable step.The thing that's nice about this is that you don't have to worry about mounting it underneath your RV and causing any clearance issues there. It's just going to mount into the entryway of your RV and then fold down whenever you need.

Whenever you're not using it, it folds back up into that doorway and stays in your door while you're traveling.On the back, down here, this bracket, that's going to be a travel bracket to sort of wedge inside your door frame and hold it steady while you're going down the road so it's not going to move around or rattle on you and that's a place where they've actually made a big improvement with the solid step. We can move this up and I'll turn that around so you can take a look at it.So this used to just have a set width on it that it would work with but now they've actually added some adjustability to this so we can use it for multiple door widths and really get it adjusted to our proper width. We'll have a bolt here to adjust the tab in and out and then two bolts on either side to adjust the brackets. So you can adjust the sides independently if you wanted it a little bit offset in your doorway, you can totally do that and the minimum width that this will work with is about 27 and an eighth inch wide doorway or door frame. That measurement is the very narrowest that this step will measure.

So going from the outside width, there's a couple little tabs here on the sides that can cause some interference. The bracket can actually go a little bit narrower than that but that's going to be the smallest that this will actually flip up into is that 27 and an eight inches wide. That makes it real easy, though, whenever we're traveling, push that handle in and then it locks it into place.Our solid step is made of an aluminum construction so they're going to stay looking nice for a long time. We don't have to worry about it rusting out and it's also pretty lightweight while still having that good durability that we've come to know and trust. Each step has some non-skid traction tape on there.

We'll have two strips for most of our steps. Our step has three and then it does have some grooves in there also to provide a nice solid mounting or nice solid purchase there.The entry height that this will work with, the minimum is 37 inches tall and the maximum that it can work with is 45 inches tall. That's measuring from the ground to the top of that entry way or where you actually would make that first step. So it's a minimum of 37 to a max of 45. Whenever you have it at that max 45, you're first step from the ground to the top of that step will be about 13 and a half inches off the ground so just keep that in mind.The rise for the rest of our step is eight inches.

From the top of the step to the top of the next one will be eight inches but then this last step up into our RV is a little bit taller just because of bracket and that'll actually be nine inches. So a little bit different as you're getting up into the RV itself.On either side of our lower step, we'll have some feet to make some adjustments for uneven terrain. Those can be adjusted independently. There's just a little peg with a D-tent on it, can pull out. That'll be that pin there. Have our little ball D-tent to keep it in place and then once you pull that out, you can make those adjustments for the feet to get everything nice and level and then pop that back into place once you have everything lined up. Each of those increments are an inch apart and we'll have 13 increments so that gives us 13 inches of travel to get that adjusted. There we go.Also on the foot, it has a little bracket that can move as well so it can kind of adapt to different levels of terrain in addition to making those adjustments. The nice thing about that is that again, it is an independent side to side so if you need a little bit more height on one than the other, you can make those adjustments there.When this is folded up in our doorway, it's going to stand from the entry to the top of the step, 57 inches tall so that's how tall you need that entryway to be to get that loaded in there. It comes with a bracket to go on the underside of where we mount this up because you . to get this installed, if you we're to flip this up, there's a little bracket that has . that's connected to our top entry and that's folded under like this. That you would need to screw into your entryway and you need to drill all the way down, put your hardware through, and then place that bracket on the underside and put on the rest of the hardware with that washer and nut combination. It does come with that hardware and the bracket to do that.The weight capacity for these steps is 400 pounds so it should work out for most our passengers and pets. A lot of people . We have a lot of good reviews on these steps. They're really comfortable, very solid. They're a great improvement over this old steps that kind of feel like you're going to springboard off or just don't really feel too secure. So definitely a big improvement for your RV.And that's going to do it for our look at the Solid Step Manual Fold Down steps.

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David T.

I love the steps but my class a has a 1 step, do they make a one step.

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

Unfortunately SolidStep line doesn't come in a 1-step assembly. I've linked our full selection of 1-step systems below that you can look through.

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