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Review of Lippert Components TPMS Sensor - Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System - LC37VR

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Lippert Components TPMS Sensor - Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System - LC37VR Review

Hi there I'm Michael with Today, we're going to take a quick look at the Tire Linc Tire Pressure and Temperature Monitoring System. This system is going to allow you to keep an eye on your tire temperature and pressure to make sure that nothing is going wrong. As you're driving down the road it is kind of difficult to tell what's happening back behind you, so having these on your trailer or RV is going to give you extra peace of mind that you know exactly where those tires are at so you can avoid something disastrous down the road.This is a very simple installation. These little monitoring sensors are going to just screw on to your tires' valve stem. They use Bluetooth technology to then connect to your smartphone, either your iOS or Android device.

So it's going to present any of your warning signals, whether that be your tire temperature is beyond the limits that you have set, or likewise with the pressure that you want. So it's going to all be on your device so you can have that sitting in your cab with you as you're driving. It'll alert you if any of the tire pressure systems change, or temperature, or even if the battery in the sensor itself is going down, or you're losing signal with the sensor. So you're going to have all that information right there, the convenience of your fingertips so that you can know what is happening behind you.For those of you who have longer trailers or RVs, big RVs, that might be more difficult for the sensor to reach your smartphone device, they do have this Bluetooth relay that is included. So that's just going to extend that signal, help boost it from one point to the other so that even if you have long distances between your sensors and your phone this will work for you.They also include a dock for this.

Now some of your RVs may have a integrated dock, so you won't even have to worry about this, but if you don't have one this is very simple to just wire into your vehicles 12 volt power source and get it going so that it's available for you. They do include these locking devices, just a theft deterrent to put on there and make sure that it's more difficult for someone to get these unscrewed from their tire valve stems, but I think they're kind of more of a pain than they're actually worth so it's up to you whether you'd want to install those, they are optional. This is going to be a nice system for you to put on your RV while you're traveling down the road. That way all the tires that you have there are being monitored.Now this does only come with the four sensors but you can add more sensors onto this. The app is capable of monitoring up to 20 sensors at a time.

So even if you had lots of tires, or if you want to switch out between multiple trailers, you can use the same app to monitor the tires on all of those up to 20. So you will have to buy extra sensors, this kit only comes with four, but we do have those extra sensors available here at etrailer as well.Now, the tire pressure that this is going to monitor will range from zero PSI, up to 188 PSI. And you can set your preferred range within that, so that if it we're to drop below or go above whatever you have it set at it will notify you. The operating temperature range for this is negative 58 degrees Fahrenheit up to 401 degrees Fahrenheit. So it's going to give you a large range there to just make sure that everything is operating correctly.This does come with a one-year warranty so if you we're to have any problems within that first year you could give us a call, we'd help you out with that.

And like I said, it is very easy to get this installed. If you have that mounting location for this it's super simple, just twisting these on and then plugging this in. If you do have to wire this up, it's really not that difficult at all. They do include instructions on how to operate the app and how to get everything installed. They do include pictures and it's very detailed. So a very easy system to use, to set up and it's just going to give you that extra peace of mind to know how your tires are performing as you're going down the road so that you can prevent yourself from having to deal with a blowout or something like that. So that's going to complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael with, thanks for watching.

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Shane D.
Hello- I couldn't view the Lippert Tire Linc video but read the transcript. I have a question... Will the app run in the background on my Android phone and give a pop-up/push alert when something is going on? Or do I have to monitor it live? Think like TPMS in a car, it alerts you when there is a problem without having to have the info live on the display. I want to have one additional screen in the truck (GPS is integrated into the radio); I also have a rearview camera that feeds to the phone. I would have the camera on all the time, and would need the Tire Linc app to run in the background but still alert me if something needs attention. Thanks! -Shane
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Kef G.

I called Lippert to confirm this, and you will need to give the app permissions on your phone like you would any other app (in the Settings menu of your phone) to give notifications. Once you have done this, the app will run in the background and give the banner notifications.

Reply from Shane D.

@KefG Fantastic. Thank you for the reply.

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