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Review of Lippert Components Toy Hauler and Camper Steps - Patio Party Deck Stairs - LC726895

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Lippert Components Toy Hauler and Camper Steps - Patio Party Deck Stairs - LC726895 Review

Today we'll be taking a look at the Victory Step manual fold down steps. These are going to provide an easy way to get into your toy hauler patio or that party deck that comes out of your toy hauler, or your fifth wheel camper. A lot of times whenever you have that patio deployed out, you then have to walk around to actually get out onto that patio and just costs you some extra steps, makes it a little bit annoying and can't really utilize the full benefit of that patio space.So this is going to give us a step specifically for that. It just attaches via the little brackets up there at the top, and those are pretty easy to take up. We'll just have these two latches, so we can lift those up, drop it, down them down into place on either side. And then your steps are ready to go.

We can adjust it here with the pins to get our rise right, so that we're having a nice safe level step. This is pretty easy to do, we'll just line it up with the pre drilled holes in that bracket there until it looks level. There's a pin on either side, just has a little ball inaudible 00:01:15 on the one end to keep that in place.The steps are made of an aluminum construction, so there're going to be very sturdy and durable, but also pretty lightweight. Doesn't weigh too much to lift this around and get it in place, which is also really nice whenever you go to storage. It's not going to be as big and bulky and the front of it, whenever you have in storage.

So you'll always know they'll have a handrail that goes with it, to make it easier to actually use that step, and get up where we need to go. Now I have this just mounted on my table here, so I'm not going to walk all the way up, but it's a pretty solid step.If I'm trying to move it around a little bit, the end does wiggle, but once you're standing on it, and using it, it's really not wobbly at all I feel. I think it feels pretty solid. And the handle does move a little bit, but it's nice that it comes attached and it's pretty easy to get installed. There's just two knobs that we have to undo to take that off.

And then whenever we're not using it and we're putting it up into storage, we'll pull those two pins on the side for that slope adjustment. And then you can flatten the steps out and then this actually lays over the top like this and then we just replace these two bolts into there, and then it stays with our steps.So it makes it pretty compact, whenever it's folded down, it is just four inches wide, so it's not going to take up a lot of space. So that's really nice as well. To get our handle back in place, it's the same thing, just want to drop that down, line up with the holes and replace the bolts. This system is pretty unique since the patios are pretty new on the market.

There's not really a lot of options out there, so this definitely solves that problem of how to get up onto that patio, and back down without having to jump down, or walk all the way in and out of the RV every time, and just causing us that hassle.These steps measure 8-1/2 inches deep, so it gives you a good amount of space to get your foot on there. It doesn't feel like you're going to slip off or anything like that. And then they're 20 inches wide. That's going from the edge of the step itself to the other side, not counting the brackets on either sides. So that's the actual usable space, there's 20 inches. And then our rise for each step is about eight inches. So again, pretty standard step. So we'll be able to get in and out of our patio.And this is designed to work for an entry height that's between 30 and 45 inches tall. The table that I'm using with it here is about 41 inches. So it works out really, really well. The feet at the bottom are adjustable. So if you need to adjust for a little bit of uneven ground, you can do that there. It's just two brackets that have a pin on either side that's very similar to the one that we have for our sloop adjustment as well.Again, I think this is a really nice compact step solution for our patio, and we'll be able to actually use it and start the fun. And that's going to do it for our look at the Victory Step manual fold steps.

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