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Review of MORryde Fifth Wheel King Pin - Upgraded Pin Box - MR72VR

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MORryde Fifth Wheel King Pin - Upgraded Pin Box - MR72VR Review

Hello, everybody. This is Jeff at Today, we're gonna take a look at this morryde orbital rotating pin box for the Reese Revolution, 16 K pin boxes. Now this is built for trailers that have a gross vehicle weight rating of up to 11,500 pounds. And this rotating pin box will give you the clearance to make tight turns without the use of having to have a slider hitch. And as I mentioned it is designed to replace the Reese revolution 16 K pin box.

Now with this pin box you'll enjoy a nice chuck free, jerk free ride. Thanks to the rubber, sheer spring design upfront here. This rubber, shear spring on the front will reduce any back and forth chucking. Gives you up to one and a half inches of side to side movement, and up to three inches of front to back movement. Just wanna zoom in and show you the spring we're talking about.

And you can see part of the front of it. It's a giant, rubber spring here. It's a sheer spring that'll dampen any road shock. Makes your starts and stops jerk free. Requires less maintenance than the air filled springs on some of those pin boxes.

Now this is a rotating pin box right here and I'll let you make tight turns while towing your trailer, even in your short bed truck. The pivot point is gonna move about 22 inches towards the rear. So if you measure from the center of the kingpin right up here to the spindle back here it's gonna move it back 22 inches. And there's also no need to have to get out of your truck to adjust a fifth wheel slider. Now it does include the lock bolts.

Now the lock bolts are included. If you want to use this as a non-rotating pin box on longer truck beds. Right here there's two spots where the lock bolts would go. You just tighten them down and keep it from rotating. And those lock bolts are actually installed right down here. When you receive your pin box on the underneath here, they'll have your universal wedge bolted to the bottom underneath here. When you remove that wedge, which we've done and installed it, there'll be spots that you can put your lock bolts in there. Store the lock bolts there if you're not using them. Now, the included wedge we've mentioned. It's a universal wedge. It keeps the king pin from turning inside your hitch. You don't want it to turn here. You want it to turn back here. Now some fifth wheel hitches may require a custom wedge. We do sell those separately but this will come with a universal wedge. And the wedge is secured by the large conical washers. It does have a greasable spindle right back here. The spindle that turns. If you look in the back underneath here, if you remove, there's a rubber plug that you can remove. And then if you look in there you'll be able to see there's a grease zert fitting that you could connect your grease gun to and grease the spindle. Allows for nice smooth rotation of the pin box. Now, when you do install this this will keep the same king pin location as the original manufacturer, and that'll help reduce stress on your trailer frame. This will exceed the CSA standards and this part is made in the USA. Again, the application, this is for fifth wheel trailers with up to 11,500 lbs. gross vehicle weight rating and it is designed to replace the Reese Revolution 16 K pin box. Does come with the mounting bolts. It comes with a nice set of instructions. That'll describe how this operates and how it installs. Weight capacity on this, again is 16,000 pounds. You do want to make sure you remember that the pin box capacity will not change the overall gross vehicle weight rating of your trailer. But that should do it. For the review on this morryde orbital rotating pin box for Reese Revolution 16 K boxes..