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Review of MORryde Fifth Wheel King Pin - Upgraded Pin Box - MR84VR

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MORryde Fifth Wheel King Pin - Upgraded Pin Box - MR84VR Review

Hello everybody, this is [email protected] Today, we're gonna take a look at this MORryde cushion fifth-wheel pin box for the Lippert 1621HD pin box. Now, this is built for trailers with a gross vehicle weight rating of 14,000 pounds to 18,000 pounds and this cushion pin box replaces your current one for a lot smoother towing experience. As we mentioned, this is designed to replace the Lippert 1621HD pin box. This will let ya enjoy a nice chuck free, jerk free ride thanks to the rubber shear spring inside. Right underneath here, right above the king pin right in here, there's a large square shear spring.

What that does is that shear spring will reduce the back and forth chucking, absorbs any jarring movement at the connection point and it'll allow up to one and a half inches of side to side movement, and up to three inches of front to back movement. Just wanted to zoom in and show you the location it's in. It's actually right under here. It's right above your king pin, your kingpin's right down here and it'll be on the inside, right above that. That rubber shear spring will dampen the transmission of forces from your fifth-wheel to your vehicle, makes your starts and stops jerk free and because it's just a rubber shear spring in there it requires less maintenance than the air-filled.

spring model pin boxes. The ones that have the air bags in em you have to constantly make sure the air pressures correct, to increase it, decrease it. This one, there's no maintenance. Once you install it, it's all ready to go. Now, when you do install this pin box it will give you the same king pin location as the original manufacturer.

In other words, your king pin, right down here, will be in the same exact place. That'll help reduce the stress on your trailer frame. It is a fast, easy bolt-on installation. What you do want to make sure is make note of the bolt hole locations of the factory pin box cause you'll want to re-mount the MORryde pin box system in the same hole settings using the existing factory hardware. Now, this pin box does exceed the CSA standards.

It is made in the USA. Application, again, is fifth-wheel trailers with 14,000 pound to 18,000 pound gross vehicle weight rating. The weight capacity on this pin box is 18,000 pounds. Now this pin box capacity will not change the gross vehicle weight rating of your trailer. And the last thing I wanna give you is just some measurements. The normal three measurements you'll wanna make sure match up is the width. We measure the width outside to outside is 12 inches. And then the measurement from the king pin, center of that king pin, right here, to your front row of holes, ya put a ruler on that. It's gonna be right at about 17-3/4 inches and then from the center of that king pin to the back row of holes is right at 25-5/8 inches. But, that should do it for the review on the MORryde cushion fifth-wheel pin box for the Lippert 1621HD pin box..

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