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Review of MORryde RV TV Mount - Portable RV TV Wall Mount - MR34RR

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MORryde RV TV Mount - Portable RV TV Wall Mount - MR34RR Review

Hi there, I'm Michael, with Today, we're gonna take a quick look at this MORryde, full motion, portable, TV wall mount kit. So this is gonna be a great option for those of you who, maybe you just have one TV in your RV. You wanna be able to move it from one room to another so that you can watch TV on the sofa in the evening, and then maybe move it into the bedroom to watch it as you're falling asleep, something along those lines. This is gonna be a great option for you. This will mount onto your television using the VESA mountings location.

So it's about 75 by 75 millimeters. So it will be compatible with that VESA mounting position and the 100 by 100 meter, millimeter. So, if you have either one of those on your television, this will mount right in place. Be very secure for your TV to be mounted on the front here. That VESA mounting pattern is pretty standard for most televisions these days.

So, should be compatible with your television. Now, this does have a weight capacity of 25 pounds. So you will wanna make sure that your TV falls into that range. And, you're also gonna wanna make sure that wherever you're mounting this, it's gonna be capable of sustaining that amount of weight plus the weight of the bracket here. But this is a really neat design because once you get it mounted onto your TV, they do give you two of these mounting brackets.

So you can. I get these mounted in the two locations where you're gonna wanna use the television. And then you can just simply slide your mount into the bracket there, and it will be supported on your wall. And then, whenever you're ready to move it, and obviously you'll need to unplug your television, but then you can just lift it up, slide it out, take it over to whatever other location you have this one mounted, and then just slide it in, and it's ready to go there. So, very easy to move back and forth between two different locations.

And these brackets are gonna make it very easy to get this mounted in place as well, because you just put your screws through the exposed holes there. And then, when you slide your bracket in place, everything is gonna be mounted. So, very easy access to those. And then the mount itself. Once your TV's on here, it will swivel back and forth and in several different directions, so that you can get a great viewing angle wherever you have this mounted. And then it will pivot forward and back. You just loosen the screws on the top there and it will give you that option to tilt it forward or up to the flat position. Now that I'm zoomed-in a little bit, can show you how that's gonna tilt. So, as you move it around, you're gonna have a lot of different adjustability to make sure that you're getting a great viewing angle. They include hardware for you to get both of these plates mounted in place, as well as to get your television mounted onto the mounting bracket on the front. They also include instructions for you to get everything mounted as well. So, a very easy installation. Very easy way of switching your television from one room to another, so that you can make the most of that one TV. So, that's gonna complete our look for today. Again, I'm Michael, with Thanks for watching..

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