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Review of MORryde RV and Camper Steps - Motorhome - MR78RR

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MORryde RV and Camper Steps - Motorhome - MR78RR Review

Hello everybody, this is [email protected] Today we'll take a look at these more rides step above fold-down steps, for the 27 and three quarter inch to 30 and a quarter inch wide RV door frames. Now these are manually operated RV steps that make it very easy to get into and out of your travel trailer or or fifth wheel, you just simply fold down for use and then fold them back up for travel. It does offer a grab handle here underneath this middle step, which will provide a nice handhold, when you're maneuvering the steps. So you can just grab that handle to lift them up and store them. And then when you grab the handle you can pull it down for using them.

The steps will lift up and lock into place and they stay inside the entry door when they're not being used. This will help keep the steps protected from the elements during travel, provides an alternative to installing them under the door, which will eliminate the need to have to cut into the metal skirting of your RV. So we gonna zoom in and talk about a couple of features here, we mentioned in a latch in into place when you lift it up and here's the latch and there's the same latch on that side. So they have two latches. Basically when you lift them up, it'll push in that latch and latch it to your door frame, and then to release it there's a handle or a twist handle right in underneath the step, that we need to twist that handle, you notice the latch will retract and that'll release it from your door, and then just grab the handle right here lower it all the way down and you're ready to go.

The other nice thing is up here. If you notice these hinge plates this is what will attach your stairs to your RV. These hinge plates mount to the threshold, and what's nice about them is you can easily remove the steps, from the door entrance if needed and when you may probably want to do that is, what'll happen is, if you're going to store your RV sometimes in a storage lot and they're very tight, where the vehicles are close together you probably won't be able to let your stairs down. So you want to take them off before you park your RV. And that's pretty easy to do if you look down at these hinge plates, you can see these little pins, and there's one on that side.

You just pull that pin out, and that'll will release the stairs from the hinge plate, and then you can move the stairs. And then when you're ready to use them you can just put the stairs back up, line it up put your pin through to the hinge plate and it's all attached ready to go. Now, the next thing I'm going to talk about is these leg extensions. There's one here on this side and one on this side. These are nice because they'll create a nice steady connection with the ground helps eliminate any bounce.

It does reduce the potential for slipping or falling during use. And you'll see at the bottom of each extension it has the swivel foot, which will help level it also. So it will remain stable on any even terrain. And what's nice is you can adjust these legs individually side to side to keep the steps parallel, and to do that, they have these triggers. There's a quick release trigger on this side and one on this side, if you push in on that trigger, that'll allow you to retract that leg all the way if needed. So if you're going to store them and you want to attract the legs, push it on that trigger put them all the way up. The nice thing is, when you lower it down and you want to extend the legs you don't have to push that trigger, just pull out the leg as much as is needed. So it's very simple to adjust them. They do adjust in one inch increments for a total of about 13 inches of adjustable length. Now this is a three-step assembly, has an extra deep top step for very easy entry and exit. Also in the very bottom step right here on the left side you can see they have these four threaded inserts. And what those are for is if you want to add a hand rail. If you prefer to have a hand rail with this now it is not included we do sell it separately on our website. And it is listed on this product page as a related product. But that hand rail would bolt on right here. And part number on that hand rail is MR83 AR. The stairs themselveS you can say have the ridges on them, so it's a nice anti-slip design, gives you excellent traction. That textured surface provides traction in wet or muddy conditions. And if you notice that the front of each step, it does use the non-slip tread tape, helps prevent slipping. These are aluminum steps. They are rust proofing, they're scratch resistant and because they're aluminum, they're lightweight,. so it makes lifting them or lowering them virtually effortless. Up at the top here there is a powder-coated steel frame which is corrosion resistant. And when you get these steps, they come all pre-assembled for easy installation, all ready to go. All you have to do is slide in your legs attach your hinge plates and you're pretty much all ready to go. The mounting hardware is included. They give you this bag of screws that are used to attach the hinge plates to your vehicle. Now this the stairs are made in the USA. I want to go over a few specs. I want to give you the measurements that are needed to verify that this will fit your vehicle. And the two critical measurements you need are entry heights and doorway width. So we'll start with entry height. Entry Height is basically what you're gonna measure from the ground, to your door threshold, where you into your vehicle, so that entry height these stairs will fit an entry heights measurement of 34 to 36 inches. And then doorway width, in other words, this portion up here. This will fit a doorway width from 27 and three quarter inches wide to 30 and a quarter inches wide. Now the steps themselves, if we measured the width on the steps, inside the inside here. Try to 23 and a half inches wide on the steps we mentioned, the top step is deeper. So that'll measure 10 and five eighths inches. The two bottom steps are the same. They're eight inches deep And then the drop or the rise meaning when you go from one step to the next this measurement is gonna be right at nine inches. Now, when you do lift these up into the store position, the height of this unit, when it's in the store position is going to be 40 inches tall. And the weight capacity on these stairs is 500 pounds. But that should do it for the review on the more rides step above fold down steps, for the 27 and three quarter inch to 30 and a quarter inch wide RV door frames..

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