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Malone Roof Rack - Complete Roof Systems - MPG216 Review

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Review of Malone Roof Rack MPG216

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Malone AirFlow 2 Universal roof rack for raised side rails. Now these bars come fully assembled and attached to the factory-installed raised side rails on your vehicle to provide a roof rack system for hauling your gear. This will allow you to carry roof rack accessories like bike racks, baskets, and boxes, kayak carriers, ski and snowboard carriers, and much more. This system will fit side rails that are between one inch and two and one quarter inches wide and have a max height of one and a half inches. Now these bars feature a nice aerodynamic profile, which is really going to help reduce wind noise during travel. These bars will accept accessories that clamp or strap around the bar. They also work with T-slot accessories with the integrated T-slot channel or strip that runs the full length of the top of the bar. The end caps are hinged so that way they open up.

That's going to allow for easier installation of your T-slot accessories. And the T-slot channel has a rubber strip inside of it that will conform around the anchor or attachment point of the T-slot. That's going to help maintain a quiet ride during travel. That's also going to help keep dirt and grime out of the channel as well. Now, these bars are going to come with the adjustable foot. They can slide under the bar.

They're a really nice design. Those feet are going to allow the unit to easily attach to your factory raised side rails on the vehicle. They're going to feature CAM-assist bolts that ensure a tight fit on smaller side rails. And they are padded. So where they grip around the side rails, they have a nice padded design.

That's going to keep them from damaging or scuffing the side rails on your vehicle. They also have a rigid design which is going to provide maximum grip and security once they're fully installed and tightened down. Also want to point out that each end cap is included, and each one is hinged. Also, each tower has built in locks. So those are not an add-on. Those come standard with the towers.

So each tower has a built in lock to secure the rack system to the vehicle roof. The bars themselves are made from a non-corrosive, double-wall aluminum construction. They're very strong, durable, and lightweight. And they have a really nice aero-design, which makes them a really good looking bar, as well. Very quick installation. Again, they're going to come fully assembled, right out of the box. The tool that you need is actually built in to the locking towers. So no additional tools are needed. Now, there's going to be towers that have the letter A on them. That means that those are the ones that have the tool. So if you unlock this, and you pull that out, you can see that the Allen tool needed is built right in to that piece right there. That allows you to place it in there, and then as you tighten that, it's going to bring these feet closer together around your side rail. As you loosen it, it's going to separate those feet further apart. So it's a really nice design. Again, the tool is built in. Each tower has the lock core installed already, to provide maximum security for your roof rack system. With the kit, you're going to get two aero-style cross bars. You're going to get all the necessary towers with the blocks already pre-installed and built in. You're going to get two keys. Either key will work on every lock. You're going to get the necessary end caps, so you'll get four of those. Also, the towers are going to have integrated Allen wrenches, so those are included. Two of the towers have them. Two of the others . Excuse me. Two towers have them. The other two do not have the Allen wrenches. You're going to get these tubular rubber gaskets. These gaskets can be cut to length and installed under the bar, in this channel. That's going to maintain a quiet ride as you head down the road. These bars are available in three different lengths. That way you can get the ones that are going to work best for your vehicle. You can get them in 50 inch, 58 inch, or 65 inch lengths. All are available here at When it comes to the dimensions of the bar, they're going to measure three and 1/16th of an inch wide by one inch tall or thick. They have a load capacity of 165 pounds per pair. And they're going to be covered with a lifetime warranty. That's going to do it for today's look at the Malone AirFlow 2 Universal roof rack for raised side rails.

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