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Master Lock Gooseneck Trailer Locks - Gooseneck Base Lock - 2989AT Review

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Review of Master Lock Locks 2989AT

Today we're going to review part number 2989AT. This is the Master Lock Universal Heavy-Duty Coupler Lock for Gooseneck, Fifth Wheel and Lunette Ring Trailers. This is a universal heavy-duty lock that will fit the fixed and adjustable gooseneck couplers. It will also fit on lunette eyes. Using this included adapter right here, it'll fit on king pins. This allows you ultimate security for any of your towing needs. It gives you increased durability because of the laminated steel frame construction.

It has nice powder coat finished to resist corrosion. The very bottom here has an ultrasonic welded plastic housing and this PVC key cover helps withstand the elements. This coupler lock is not available as a key to like option. It does come with the two keys. I want to show you how this will work on a king pin trailer. Basically, you just take your keys; pop open your cover there; put in your key; turn it 180 degrees and that will unlock it.

You can slide this back and then this adapter right here is what you'll need when you use it on a . You see it's got a round design to it. Here's an example. I want to show this is what the king pin would like on your fifth wheel trailer. With that king pin, what you do is put it down, slide it into that curve opening, slide this around it and then just take your key.

Turn this back to 180 degrees, put your cover on and then you'll see that it's locked in to place. This will be hanging on your king pin so nobody could hook up, get access to the king pin to throw it away. Then just to unlock it, put your key back in. Turn it 180 degrees, that will unlock it. Allows you to slide this out and you're ready to go. To use on a gooseneck, with it unlocked, you can just pop this adapter out.

You can see the adapter has slots in it that go in there and lock in. You just remove this and then you have full access to this. Your gooseneck coupler that will be one that's on your gooseneck trailer, the coupler would come down in the very bottom that goes over the gooseneck ball. You would just set this right up to the very bottom. Slide this in towards . pressed up against both sides. Turn the key and it'll lock it in to place around the gooseneck coupler. The same thing on the lunette ring, you leave the adapter out. Here's an example of a lunette ring. A lot of your heavy-duty trailers will use a lunette ring. Same way, you just put it around the round portion. Push it all the way, as far as you can, until that will be all the way up around the lunette ring. With it like that again, just turn your key back to the lock position. Put your cover back over there. You could see with it around the lunette ring, it's not going to go anywhere. Nobody can hook up to that lunette ring and tow the trailer away. Just to unlock it, put your key back in, turn it 180. Slide this back out, then you can remove it from the trailer. As you see your adapter just slides right back in. Lock it into place like that, remove the key, put the cover on, and you're ready to go. To give you a few dimensions on this, this part does come with a limited lifetime warranty. A few dimensions on this, the overall length, from edge to edge will be right at 11 inches. The width, this is about your widest point, so the width on this can be right at 6-3/4 inches wide. Then the height from the bottom to the very top is going to be right at 5-1/2 inches tall. That should do it for the review on part number 2989AT, the Master Lock universal heavy-duty coupler lock for gooseneck, fifth wheel and lunette ring trailers. .