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Master Lock Padlocks - Armored Padlock - 37DAT Review

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Review of Master Lock Locks 37DAT

Today we're going to be taking a look at part number 37DAT. This is the Master Lock Armored Padlock. This portion up here is going to be the armored hardened steel. It's going to make it very difficult to cut through because of the 3/4" width that this provides all around the casing here. The laminated steel body is designed for superior strength. That's going to give us a measurement of 1 9/16" by 7/8".

It's going to come with 2 keys. It goes in the bottom portion here. This lock system is going to use a unique 4 pin tumbler lock cylinder. It's going to help make it very difficult to pick, so it's going to prevent theft or at least definitely cut down on the possibility of somebody being able to pick the lock. The 4 pin tumbler system is a nice, secure option to go with.

You can see that all we have to do is twist the key. It disengages the lock area so that way we can bring it around our application, whatever we want to attach this to. Here on our pin it's going to feature a nice, shackle guard. This is designed to protect against bolt cutters and hacksaws. It's going to make it ideal for securing trailers, cables, and chains. A neat feature that I really like about this lock is that shackle guard can actually be removed from that pin.

That way you can install this in something with a little bit smaller hole diameter such as a coupler area like the coupler latch mechanism. You can slide this through that coupler pin and lock your latch mechanism on the coupler of your trailer. The shackle with the guard is going to fit 1/2" diameter openings or larger. The shackle guard, again, is removable and with that removed it's designed to accommodate openings 9/32" in diameter. If we take a measurement of the amount of space that we have here.

This is going to be our opening without the shackle guard installed. That's going to give us a measurement of 7/16". With the shackle guard installed, that measured 3/8". The overall length, or the overall measurements, of this system, that's going to give us a measurement of 3" by 1 3/4. Measuring the width at the widest point right here at the center, it's going to give us a measurement of 1". Keep in mind that this lock can be keyed alike so that the same key will work on multiple locks. All you have to do is use the keyed alike option right here on this product's product page, but just a specific note to mention is that this unit cannot key the locks to match other styles of locks. The keyed alike option only applies to other 37DAT locks. That's going to do it for our review of part number 37DAT. This is the Master Lock Armored Padlock. .