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MaxxAir RV Vents and Fans - Roof Vent - MA00-933072 Review

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Review of MaxxAir RV Vents and Fans MA00-933072

Today we're going to take a look at the Max Air II RV and Enclosed Trailer Roof Vent Cover, white in color. Now this Max Air II has more open louver area for more fresh air than any other vent cover. It's a very solid, sleek, aerodynamic one-piece design. It does protect your RV or your trailer interior from any rain damage. You can basically leave your vent open with no worries while you're away, or you can even operate the vent while you're stuck inside in bad weather. This does provide twice the ventilation area of the standard Max Air Vent Cover, and this can be used with high-powered vents. This does hold up to the sun.

It's made of a high-density polyethylene plastic with UV protection. It will let some light through, because it's a light, translucent color. This also can use the same mounting holes as the Max Air Standard Roof Vent Cover, so you can easily upgrade from your standard Max Air Vent to this Max Air II. It includes everything shown here. It includes the hinge brackets, the manual, snap-lock pins .. makes it easily to open and close the cover ...

and includes all the mounting hardware. The brackets and the pins are all made of aluminum. The hardware is all stainless steel, so that will help prevent corrosion. This part is made in the USA. This is designed to fit most standard 14" x 14" vents. The rough size on those are usually 14-1/4 x 14-1/4.

Again, this is white in color. I do want to give you some dimensions on this. The length from this edge to this edge is going to be right at 22-3/4". The width, you're going to be right at 18-1/2" wide. Let me flip that back over.

Then the height from the very bottom to the highest point is going to be right at 9-3/8" tall. That should do it for the review on the Max Air II RV and Enclosed Trailer Roof Vent Color, white in color.